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  • Apple iPhone

    by Published on February 1st, 2011 23:09
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    iSkin CERULEAN F1+TX BT Headset
    Manufacturer: iSkin
    Site: Buy from iSkin
    Price: $189.99

    Overview : Nothing feels better than having the freedom to do the things we love without being tied down by wires. The CERULEAN F1+TX gives you the freedom of wireless sound from your iPod, mobile phone or computer. It delivers crisp, clean stereo sound and superior headset functionality in a sleek and compact design that's attractive, easy to use and feature filled.

    The CERULEAN F1+TX was built with iTunes in mind and integrates flawlessly. It also works well with other audio applications on your PC or Mac for a hassle free listening experience. If you have just upgraded to OS X Leopard, don't worry.... it works there too.

    Since everybody has a unique pair of ears, we ship the F1 with two different earhook shapes. They are designed to be comfortable and keep the F1's in an optimal listening position at all times.

    Charge your F1 and TX using any powered USB charging port or USB 5V(DC) wall charger, power options are endless. Your F1 is fully charged in just over 2 hours and ready for over 8 hours of continuous music play back. You can get up to 10 hours of talk time on a single charge.

    The CERULEAN F1 features full Bluetooth 2.0® compatibility and contains the necessary profiles to work with many of today's Bluetooth® mobile devices.

    Features :
    • Small, light weight and ergonomic design
    • Multi-point pairing
    • Operational range 33 feet (10m)
    • Stereo Bluetooth® 2.0 equipped
    • Music playback 8 hours
    • Talk time 10 hours
    • Standby 300 hours

    Suggested Users :
    • Listen to audio from iTunes®, DVD's, CD's or any applications wirelessly.
    • Listen to and remotely control your iPod wirelessly.
    • Stream stereo music from your iPhone and use your F1 headset for phone calls simultaneously.
    • Compatible with most mobile Bluetooth devices for hands free calls and music.

    Quality/Usability : With how technology is advancing in today's world, wireless is starting to play a major part in our lives ranging from mobile phones, internet, music players and remotes around the house. Cerulean thought they would chime in on the wireless technology by releasing a wireless combo known as the iSkin Cerulean F1+TX, for our beloved iPod and cellphones. The F1+TX allows you to listen to your iPod without the hassle of cords dangling from your headset and doubles as a hands-free headset for your mobile phone.

    The F1 is the model of the headset. The TX is a small dongle that attaches to your iPod. Included with this package is a USB cable for charging the F1, pair of alternative ear hooks, foam earphone covers and extra rubber rings for the earphones. Also included is a USB adapter for the TX so that you can stream music from your computer to the F1 heaset.

    The F1 heaset looks similar to some of the bluetooth headsets you see on the market for mobile phones but instead of only one, there are two. Both are connected via a small cable. All of the controls are on the right headset. The face of the headset features a multi-function button (Play and Pause) with an LED status light. The back has an ON/OFF switch. The top has a NEXT and PREVIOUS track controls. The bottom has a Volume UP and Volume Down buttons as well as the USB charging port. A small microphone is on the front of the F1.

    The TX dongle does not have as much features or buttons on it. All there is on the TX is iPod plug with a USB charging port to the left side of the TX and a LED indicator on the front face. It's compatible with any Apple device that uses the standard 30-pin connector.

    According to iSkin, the first charge should take about 6 hours but any charge after that should take only 2 to 3 hours. With new products that requires charging, I usually let it charge overnight. With moderate use of listening to music only, the F1's battery lasted a couple of days. If you forget to turn off the headset, you'll obviously drain the battery more quickly.

    Once the F1 is fully charged, you'll need to pair it to the TX. To do so, its similar to that of pairing it with your mobile phone. Plug the TX into the iPod and turn the F1 on by holding down the multi-function button. Thats it! The TX draws its power from the iPod battery so you will experience shorter battery life on the iPod.

    The F1 doubles not only as a headset to listen to music on both the iPod or mobile phone but it is also a bluetooth headset. But do remember that when you're using the F1 to listen to music on your mobile phone, that you phone must be A2DP compatible. Not all phones will allow you to use stream music to a bluetooth headset. You'll need to pair the F1 to your phone. The process is the same but without the use of the TX. Simply set your phone into pair mode and hold down the multi-function button on the F1. Once paired, you can use the controls on the F1 to answer calls (press once), ignore calls (hold down until you hear a beep), adjust the volume, redial, and place calls on mute or hold.

    If you receive ...
    by Published on February 1st, 2011 22:15
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    XCM Universal USB Multi-Charger
    Manufacturer: XCM
    Site: Buy from Play-Asia / Buy from Divineo US / Buy from Divineo China / Buy from Divineo France
    Price: $39.99

    Overview : Finally a way to charge all your valuable electronics with one device!

    Introducing the Multi-Charger from XCM. This unit will charge your iPhone, PSP (all PSP series from 1000-3000 series), Xbox 360 Wireless Controller, PS3 Wireless Controller, NDS (all NDS series, including NDS, NDSL and NDSi) and more.... (all devices using USB 5v input will be supported, such as the Nokia mobile phone series etc) with ease. No more lugging around multiple chargers, this one does it all. Made with the high quality craftsmanship you've grown to expect from the XCM brand, this charger will surely provide the power you need for many years to come!

    • 4 USB ports
    • Supports any USB 5v input
    Compatible with:
    • PSP (1000-2000-3000)
    • NDS, NDS Lite, NDSi
    • iPhone
    • Nokia mobile phones and many more
    • PSP USB cable
    • DS Lite USB cable
    • DSi USB Cable
    • iPod/iPhone USB Cable
    • US AC plug
    • EU AC Plug
    • Australia AC Plug
    • BS AC Plug
    Quality/Usability : I must admit, I'm a gadget freak. I have surge protectors daisy chained to each other. There just isnt enough outlets! I'm surprised my house hasnt burned down with all these wires. If I find an open slot in my surge protector, I'll charge my DS, PSP, camera battery, cellphone..thats if I'm lucky to find 1 spot. If I cant, I use my USB port on my computer. Now, my USB ports are starting to become scarce as more portable devices start to use them. Yes, you can purchase a USB hub but majority of the time, they arent powerful enough to charge the device and you get an error message on your computer. Even the ones that come with power plugs gives me an error.

    XCM has released a stand alone Universal USB Multi-Charger. No need to plug this charger into a computer or USB port. Choose your AC plug and connect plug it into a socket (AC 100-240V) and the other end into the Multi-Charger. The Multi-Charger has a square glossy white casing with a small LED light that lights up when plugged into outlet and the logo on top. The logo uses a Walt Disney type font. On the front of the Multi-Charger are 4 USB ports. Since it draws its power from the socket, you wont have to worry about overdrawing power or having to wait 5 hours to fully charge a device when it should only take 1 hour or so.

    The Multi-Charger measures 5 inches long, 4 inches wide and 1.5 inches thick and comes with four (4) AC plugs (US, EU, UK and Asia). The plugs are short in length so you will not be able to place it on a table or next to your computer. Wires measure about 16 inches long from tip of plug that inserts into XCM Multi-Charger to the base of AC plug (not the prongs). Also included are four (4) USB plugs (PSP, DSL, DSi, iPhone/iPod). You're not limited to using only these devices. I was able to charge my Blackberry device, Bluetooth headset, PS3 controller, Xbox controller, USB battery, pretty much anything I can think of that uses a USB to charge the device. The charge time is about the same time it would take if you use the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) chargers that came with the device.

    Conclusion : Overall, the XCM Universal USB Multi-Charger is a great product. I do not have to use all my USB ports nor do I have to leave my PS3, Xbox 360 or computer on just to charge my USB devices. Since some wall chargers are huge and can cover up an empty socket, this also eliminates the amount of wall chargers and bulk. I was able to charge all my devices without a problem. My only complaint is the lack of cord length on the AC plug for the Multi-Charger. I was not able to place the Multi-Charger on a desk. I had to place it on the floor. This is also a drawback for those who need to plug this in the back of a shelf or entertainment center. You can use an extension cord but do you want to go out and buy one or even find one in the house? The price was originally $70 but it was wayyyy to overpriced for a 4-port USB charger. But it seems XCM has lowered the price to a much more affordable price range. However, $40 is still a little pricey. I think $25-30 would be a nice sweet spot.

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    DIGG THIS ...
    by Published on February 1st, 2011 21:45
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    Figures by analyst Localytics have suggested that some 26 per cent of mobile apps are used only once following their download.

    The survey, covering iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone 7, found that the number of one-use apps had fluctuated between 22 and 28 per cent over the last year.

    While this does mean a good 70 per cent of apps are used repeatedly, if accurate Localytics' figures present a new context for another recent survey which found that the average iOS device owner had downloaded some 60 apps.

    http://www.gamesindustry.biz/article...used-just-once ...
    by Published on February 1st, 2011 21:30
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    Drivers who regularly play videogames are nearly twice as likely to be stopped by police while on the road, according to a new study.

    The survey, carried out by Continental Tires and reported by Jalopnik, polled 2000 motorists between the ages of 17 and 39, half of whom were regular gamers, about their driving habits.

    The results showed, among other things, that 22 per cent of gamers have been stopped by police, compared to 13 per cent of non gamers.

    31 per cent of gamers claimed to have run a red light, compared to 14 per cent of non gamers, while 30 per cent had claimed on insurance for an accident, as opposed to 15 per cent of the non-gaming population.

    That said, it seems gamers are more likely to pass their driving test first time out and suffer fewer prangs.

    Here's the full run-down of results, with gamers' figures in bold:

    % stopped by police: 22/13
    % who use mobile when driving: 19/12
    % ever made a claim for an accident: 30/15
    % ran a red light in last 12 months: 31/14
    % driven wrong way down one-way street: 13/10
    % hit stationary object when parking: 22/13
    % accidentally clipped a car but kept quiet: 19/11
    % take risks (accelerate too quickly, overtake): 44/21
    % suffer road rage: 45/22
    % who speed: 25/13
    % scare others with their driving: 26/11
    Attempts before passing test: 2/3
    No. of prangs to their vehicle in last 12 months: 1/2
    So, where are all those Gran Turismo 5 fans going wrong?

    "It seems that while gamers develop useful skills and are more confident, they need to apply some balance with a sensible assessment of risk," said Continental's Tim Bailey.

    Peter Rodger from the Institute of Advanced Motorists chimed in too, offering the gaming populace a firm finger-waggling.

    "I am not surprised that regular gamers find themselves making the same decisions and judgements when driving for real as they do when in the virtual world," he said.

    "The issue is that when actually driving, our actions lead to 'real' results, and mistakes have very real consequences."

    Expect The Daily Mail to be all over this little gem in 3, 2, 1...

    http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/20...rrible-drivers ...
    by Published on February 1st, 2011 21:15
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    Sony intends to spread the PlayStation Suite much further than Android phones - even iOS and Windows are part of the plan, and they're made by the enemy.

    The exciting potential is for PlayStation Suite games to be offered far and wide, rather than be restricted like produce for App Store and Windows Phone 7.

    "There are a variety of operating systems, but we're focusing first on Android," said Sony Computer Entertainment chief Kaz Hirai, in a conference translated by Andriasang.

    "There's also Windows, iOS and so forth, but we don't have the resources to make it compatible with everything from the start.

    "We're not ruling out PSS even on products like Sony Internet TV Powered by Google (Google TV) if adoption rate increases, or if it will help push adoption greatly."

    "We have a completely open stance with carriers and handset makers," he added.

    To begin with, PlayStation Suite will deliver classic PSone games to Android phone users. But in the future, Sony wants the Suite to evolve into a hardware-neutral development environment where brand new games and content are made.

    Through a PlayStation Certified seal of approval, Sony will pin-point which devices work properly with PlayStation Suite. And with a QA system, Sony hopes to avoid the Suite becoming a swamp of questionable quality.

    Final Fantasy VII on Android would tempt.

    The announcement of PlayStation Suite came at Sony's PlayStation Meeting last week. The big news there was the unveiling of Next Generation Portable (aka PSP2). Eurogamer's blanket coverage of the event has been cobbled together in one handy place.

    http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/20...ts-ios-windows ...
    by Published on February 1st, 2011 21:01
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    2400mAh USB Power Backup
    Manufacturer: Unknown
    Site: Buy from Brando
    Price: $20.00

    Overview : Have you ever had experiences that devices are running out of battery while in use? It is disturbing when you are enjoying your MP3 or chatting happily with friends on the phone, etc. Now! USB Power Backup (2400mAh) won't let these situation happen anymore! You can charge your devices in a flash before battery exhausts! It is designed for Handheld PC, Digital Camera, Cellphone, DV, MP3, CD Player, PMP and any other applicable devices.

    • Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery
    • Standard 5V-USB DC Output
    • On/Off Switch
    • Green LED Indicator Switch
    • Built-in Short Circle, Over Discharge
    • Over Load and Over Charge Protection
    • Charge it by direct plug or USB Cable
    • Charging Time: Approx. 3 Hours
    • Size: 70x50x12mm
    • Weight: 71g

    • Capacity: 2400mAh
    • Input: DC-5V
    • Output: Standard 5V-USB
    • Working Temperature: 0~45 degree

    • Black
    • White

    Package Contents
    • USB Power Backup (2400mAh)
    • USB Charging Cable

    Quality/Usability : The 2400mAh USB Power Backup is a Lithium Ion battery can be charged via USB port or USB hub. Included is a USB cable if you are unable to reach a port.

    On the front of the power backup is a green LED indicator that lights up when charging or supplying power and turns off when its fully charged or battery has been depleted. To the left of it is a USB port where you can plug any USB plug into it as well as an ON/OFF switch. To the right is a sliding switch exposes a USB connector when fully extended. You can use this to plug into your USB port or hub. The bottom has a DC 5v port where you can plug the supplied USB cable into. This is for those who are unable to access a USB port with the slide out USB connector.

    To fully charge the power backup, it took about 2-3 hours. With a fully dead PSP battery, I was able to recharge it 2 times on one full charge of the power backup. I was able to charge my completely dead iPod about 5 times before the battery pack ran out of juice. I was also able to charge my Sony Ericsson w810i about 6 times.

    Conclusion : Overall, the 2400mAh USB Power Backup delivers and at a great price. The USB Power Backup is great for those who want to carry a small battery backup incase you are unable to charge your cellphone, iPod, or portable game system. The compact size is great for traveling as it does not take up much space.

    Images via comments ...
    by Published on February 1st, 2011 20:50
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    Griffin Smartshare Headphone Splitter
    Manufacturer: Griffin Technology
    Site: Buy from Griffin Technology
    Price: $7.49-$14.99

    Overview : The SmartShare is a headphone splitter with individual volume controls.

    It is ideal for watching movies on a PSP or listening to your music on a iPod, as it allows you to share the experience with a friend – perfect for car trips, plane flights, and waiting rooms. Now you can share your audio, not your volume preferences.

    Great design and minimal size make SmartShare a must-have addition to any accessory bag.

    Quality/Usability : The SmartShare splits sound between two headphones which allows two people to listen to your PSP or iPod at the same time without having to share headphones.

    This is great on those long roadtrips or flights to keep you and your friend occupied. Each splitter has its own volume control. If you're the type to blast the volume, your friend wont have to suffer as they can control their own volume to their likings.

    The sound quality is pretty clear and does a great job of splitting the sound. I personally like the volume blasted while my friends prefer to have a lower volume.

    Conclusion : Overall, the Griffin SmartShare is a nice product to share sounds with a friend without having to give up your headphones or one of your earbuds. The volume control on each splitter is a nice addition as each person can adjust it to their own likings. This is not only for the PSP but can also be used for iPod, MP3/CD player or any electronic device that has a headphone jack.

    Image via comments ...
    by Published on February 1st, 2011 18:54
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    via MCV UK

    The highly delayed and much coveted white version of the iPhone 4 should arrive in the not too distant future, according to Pocket Gamer.

    Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has also given the first explanation for the delay – apparently the white paint was allowing too much light to leak into the camera, resulting in washed out pictures. Wozniak even admitted to buying OEM Chinese case parts online and trying the white case himself to test the results.

    Retail listings suggest the white SKU could arrive at the end of the month.

    The last we heard Apple had stated that the white version of the iPhone 4 would be launched some time in 2011. Prior to that the device had expected to ship alongside the debut of the black machine last June, and then at some point later in 2010. ...
    by Published on January 1st, 2011 12:12
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    Universal Windshield Holder (360° degree Rotatable)
    Maker: Unknown
    Site : Buy from Brando
    Price: $12.00

    Overview : This item holds your Cellphone, PDA, PSP, MP3 player and any other electronic devices it can hold. You can stick this onto the windshield of you car and view movies or listen to music from your PSP with ease. There are other windshield holders out there but none really rotate at 360°.

    * viewing of PSP while driving is not condoned by DCEmu and is not held liable for any accidents. Use at your own risk.

    Features :
    • New design, good outlook
    • No tools required - easy to install
    • Convenient, reliable and easy to use
    • Flexible pedestal shaft adjusts quickly
    • Suitable for cellular phones and PDAs

    Specification :
    • 360° Rotatable
    • Adjustable stroboscope mount width: 52-80mm
    • Flexible arm (165mm)
    • Suction pad with lock knob

    Package Contents :
    • One stroboscope mount
    • One flexible arm
    • Two vent pothook

    Quality/Usability : When I first got the item, the packaging was in a regular cardboard box, not the usual blister plastic packs. Upon opening the item, the two vent packs are in a small ziplock type bag, the flexible arm was wrapped in bubblewrap and the mount was just in the box. But the overall quality of the item is sturdy and solid. The neck itself is about 9 inches long and the mount itself is about 4 inches tall and 3 inches wide with the side 'arms' closed. With the side 'arms' spread open, its about 4 1/2 inches side. The side 'arms' of the mount spreads open with a click of a button on the side. The bottom 'legs' of the mount open up also for those bigger devices but require manual opening. The top 'head' moves up to accomodate those longer devices for more support. With the side 'arms' open completely, there is more than enough room to slide the PSP into. The 360 degree rotating idea is great for those who have a PSP, PDA, MP3 player, etc. and can rotate the holder to accomdate to whatever device they are using without having to have different holders in the car.

    Installation : Once everything was taken out, installation was pretty easy.

    • Set main unit in foot-rest (clip with neck)
    • Remove protection paper from the bottom of suction cup
    • Place suction cup of foot-rest direct towards windshield and press then lock device on
    • Place the holder onto top of dashboard for addiction support

    • Set the pothook in main unit an dput them on the correct position
    • Set the device in vent

    Considering this is made from Asia, the english of the instructions were a little weird, so I reworded it. Its easy as putting legos together without even having to read the instructions.

    Conclusion : I have another windshield mount that I purchased on eBay that I use. Unfortunately, that one required some modificiation (cutting down on rubber and plastic). With this, there is more than enough room to fit the PSP without any modifications done to it. Just spread the side 'arms' open, slip your PSP into position and squeeze the side 'arms' closed to secure the PSP in place. I dont like the idea of the item being on the vent considering the weight of the PSP can damage your vents and it blocks off the vent when it is in use, especially a hot and humid summer.

    What I like about this is the amount of room to fit your device, the sturdiness of the product and the ability to rotate it 360°. The price of the item is affordable and reasonable. I paid more for the one I ordered on eBay .

    But use this at your own risk and safety. Watching PSP movies while driving can cause accidents. Also, viewing of items on your windshield blocks your view and distracts you so this is illegal in some states.

    Images via comments ...