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    by Published on February 2nd, 2011 02:37
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    Universal Windshield Holder (360° degree Rotatable)
    Maker: Unknown
    Site : Buy from Brando
    Price: $12.00

    Overview : This item holds your Cellphone, PDA, PSP, MP3 player and any other electronic devices it can hold. You can stick this onto the windshield of you car and view movies or listen to music from your PSP with ease. There are other windshield holders out there but none really rotate at 360°.

    * viewing of PSP while driving is not condoned by DCEmu and is not held liable for any accidents. Use at your own risk.

    Features :
    • New design, good outlook
    • No tools required - easy to install
    • Convenient, reliable and easy to use
    • Flexible pedestal shaft adjusts quickly
    • Suitable for cellular phones and PDAs

    Specification :
    • 360° Rotatable
    • Adjustable stroboscope mount width: 52-80mm
    • Flexible arm (165mm)
    • Suction pad with lock knob

    Package Contents :
    • One stroboscope mount
    • One flexible arm
    • Two vent pothook

    Quality/Usability : When I first got the item, the packaging was in a regular cardboard box, not the usual blister plastic packs. Upon opening the item, the two vent packs are in a small ziplock type bag, the flexible arm was wrapped in bubblewrap and the mount was just in the box. But the overall quality of the item is sturdy and solid. The neck itself is about 9 inches long and the mount itself is about 4 inches tall and 3 inches wide with the side 'arms' closed. With the side 'arms' spread open, its about 4 1/2 inches side. The side 'arms' of the mount spreads open with a click of a button on the side. The bottom 'legs' of the mount open up also for those bigger devices but require manual opening. The top 'head' moves up to accomodate those longer devices for more support. With the side 'arms' open completely, there is more than enough room to slide the PSP into. The 360 degree rotating idea is great for those who have a PSP, PDA, MP3 player, etc. and can rotate the holder to accomdate to whatever device they are using without having to have different holders in the car.

    Installation : Once everything was taken out, installation was pretty easy.

    • Set main unit in foot-rest (clip with neck)
    • Remove protection paper from the bottom of suction cup
    • Place suction cup of foot-rest direct towards windshield and press then lock device on
    • Place the holder onto top of dashboard for addiction support

    • Set the pothook in main unit an dput them on the correct position
    • Set the device in vent

    Considering this is made from Asia, the english of the instructions were a little weird, so I reworded it. Its easy as putting legos together without even having to read the instructions.

    Conclusion : I have another windshield mount that I purchased on eBay that I use. Unfortunately, that one required some modificiation (cutting down on rubber and plastic). With this, there is more than enough room to fit the PSP without any modifications done to it. Just spread the side 'arms' open, slip your PSP into position and squeeze the side 'arms' closed to secure the PSP in place. I dont like the idea of the item being on the vent considering the weight of the PSP can damage your vents and it blocks off the vent when it is in use, especially a hot and humid summer.

    What I like about this is the amount of room to fit your device, the sturdiness of the product and the ability to rotate it 360°. The price of the item is affordable and reasonable. I paid more for the one I ordered on eBay .

    But use this at your own risk and safety. Watching PSP movies while driving can cause accidents. Also, viewing of items on your windshield blocks your view and distracts you so this is illegal in some states.

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    by Published on February 2nd, 2011 02:22
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    Capdase AUMI Professional UMD Lens Guard
    Manufacturer: Capdase
    Site: Buy from Capdase
    Price: $4.99

    Overview : Protects UMDs from scratching, scraping and abrasion.

    Features :
    • Against scratching, scraping & abrasion.
    • Protects the front & back from fingerprints.
    • Removable without leaving residuary mark.

    Quality/Usability : This is a great product for those who are anal or scared of damaging their expensive UMD movies or games. These clear stickers will protect the clear part of the UMD from scratches, abrasions even fingerprints. Each package contains (1) front and (1) back.

    Applying this would be the same way you would apply a screen protector onto your PSP.

    Conclusion : Unfortunately, its very expensive. It only comes with (1) front and (1) back. If it was reusable, it would be better. ...
    by Published on February 2nd, 2011 02:22
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    Logic3 External Rechargeable Battery
    Manufacturer: Logic3
    Site: Buy from Logic3
    Price: £12.99

    Overview : The PSP527 battery pack connects externally to the PSP console and packs 1800mAh of extra power for your PSP console. Allows an additional 3 hour operation time.

    Features :
    • External rechargeable battery
    • 1800mAh Li-ion Battery
    • Recharges using standard PSP AC Adaptor
    • Recharges in 4 hours
    • When connected to PSP acts like AC adaptor
    • Weight: 100g

    Quality/Usability : The PSP External Rechargeable Battery pack is light weight and small in size. The pack is approximately 3 inches long and ~1 inch thick. To charge the battery pack, just plug the original AC adaptor that came with your PSP to charge the battery pack. When the AC adaptor is plugged into the battery pack, a red LED is lit to show that it is being charged. When it is done charging, the LED turns green.

    On the other end of the pack is the plug that goes into the PSP as well as an ON/OFF switch. The cable that plugs into the PSP DC port is approximately 18 inches long.

    The battery pack gives the PSP an additional three hours of play, according to press release. But I got a little less than 3 hours. But I assume like any rechargeable battery pack, the more you recondition the battery pack (recharge), the higher the operation time. Even if you’re not using it to extend battery life during gameplay, you can use the pack to charge your PSP while it is off.

    Conclusion : Overall, the PSP External Rechargeable Battery Pack is a nice product that lets you extend the battery life for your PSP. Although it takes about 4 hours to charge the pack, it’s well worth it at the end when it saves your PSP from dying and leaving you bored. It would have been nice if there was a case or a way to keep it near the PSP. It would be awkward to have the pack dangling if you were to walk or stand up with your PSP. A nice addition is the ON/OFF switch. This will save lots of juice when the pack is not in use.

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    by Published on February 2nd, 2011 02:22
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    Datel PSP Communicator Headset
    Manufacturer: Datel
    Site: Buy from Divineo UK
    Price: $14.99

    Overview : With its comfortable, over-the-ear design and snazzy hi-tech look, Communicator Headset for PSP is an essential purchase for gamers on the move. It’s fully WiFi-compatible too; the ideal companion for Datel’s own WiFi MAX.

    Communicator Headset works with any PSP game with voice chat. With a microphone positioned near your mouth and an earpiece for crystal-clear sound, Communicator Headset lets you bark out your orders or taunt your opponents as you play.

    Take Sony’s brilliant SOCOM: US Navy Seals Fireteam Bravo. During online play, it’s essential that you communicate with the rest of your squad. Plan your strategies, warn your comrades in arms of impending danger and make sure everyone is doing the job they’re meant to be doing. With Communicator Headset, you can hear every word your buddies utter, and your own instructions are never lost in the heat of battle.

    With more and more Sony PSP games making use of microphone communication, and for those inevitable occasions where listening to the in-game sounds is the only option, Communicator Headset is the ideal choice.

    Features :
    • Perfect for games with Talk or voice control features
    • Talk Over the Net with Socom 3
    • Take control of your PSP
    • Comfortable over-ear design
    • Talk
    • Strategize
    • Control

    Quality/Usability : What you say? This looks familiar? Well it should. Datel also released Communicator Headsets for the XBOX360 and Nintendo DS. Only difference of course is the plugs and packaging color (lime green and red respectively).

    From the pictures, you would think it’s small. But when you receive, the packaging and headset itself are pretty big. Not big as in huge but big as in almost the length of your PSP. Yes, the length of your PSP. I guess you can say it’s similar to your PC microphone headphones just minus the piece that goes over your head.

    On the box of the headset (as well as listed in the Feature above), it states SOCOM 3. SOCOM 3 doesn’t exist but yet they mention it a couple of times. I assume its just a typo when they really mean SOCOM: US Navy Seals Fireteam Bravo. The headset can be used for any game to allows the use of a headset. Talkman is another good example unfortunately, the list of games that uses the microphone is very very slim.

    The headphones are pretty sturdy. On the earphone itself, is a small clip that loops around your ear. If you own or have seen some SONY Street style headphones, this is similar. The headphone fits on your left ear. You’re unable to switch the clip like you would do with a Bluetooth headphone. If you’re the type of person to wear them on your right ear, you’ll be disappointed and probably feel uncomfortable. The microphone doesn’t stick out all the way (approx. 3.5”) but is long enough for the other person on the other end to hear you. The length of the wire itself is long enough that you can move around freely and not too long where you have to drag it.

    Since the packaging mentions SOCOM and it is the only game I own that uses the microphone headset, I used it for the testing purposes. Any sound from the game is sent directly to the speaker on the headphones. The sound is clear and not distorted. There were a few occasions where the other person started to break up but it’s probably due to lag in the WIFI connection. The microphone itself is pretty good for the most part and minimized any background noise. There were a few times where I had to talk a little louder but not to the point where I had to scream out loud. The person on the other end was able to hear me loud and clear. There were also a few occasions where they couldn’t hear me...again, probably due to lag in the WIFI connection. Just using the headset as headphones for UMD movies or games, faired pretty well. Again, there wasn’t any distortion and was pretty clear.

    Conclusion : Overall, the Communicator Headset does what it is suppose to do. But with the lack of support for the use of microphone, there’s not much use for this. The microphone could be a little better when picking up voices. There are minimal complaints but the bigger flaw in my book is the inability to use the headphones on your right ear. Datel can easily fix this problem by making it detachable (see Bluetooth headphones). As new games with online features come out, hopefully they will support microphone support. If not, hopefully SONY can pull a rabbit out of the hat and have VoIP (Voice Over IP), cellphone or something along the lines that utilizes the Communicator Headset. Not only is this a great product, its affordable as well.

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    by Published on February 2nd, 2011 02:21
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    Article Preview

    Evolve PSP Faceplate Crystal Clear
    Manufacturer: Talismoon
    Site: Buy from Divineo US / Buy from Divineo China
    Price: $14.99

    Overview : It's time to get creative with the Talismoon Evolve series! Evolve for PSP are a refreshing blend of complete and easy to install faceplates to brighten up your mood and undoubtedly your PSP.

    At a period where customization is crucial, each evolve faceplate brings a special edition PSP into the range of everybody regardless of technical know-how.

    Quality/Usability : Packaging design is very thought out and cleaver. With the inclusion of an installation guide, torx wrench and screwdriver, installation would be very easy. The quality of build is top-notch. Talismoon has never disappointed anyone with their line of products. The faceplate fits perfectly on the PSP without any problems. They also included a set of buttons to be used instead of the original PSP buttons. The Crystal faceplate gives the PSP a whole new look. Not only can you see the parts and innards of PSP system, it makes the system stand out.

    If you like to modify your electronics, adding LEDs to this will make your PSP even hotter and more unique.

    • 1x PSP Faceplate
    • 1x set of PSP diamond series buttons (original psp buttons can also be used)
    • 1x optimal precision jeweler's screwdriver
    • 1x illustrated installation diagrams
    • 1x unique polishing cloth

    Conclusion : Overall, the Evolve PSP Faceplate Crystal Clear is a great product. If you ever wanted a clear look to your PSP, this is the way to go. It even comes with clear buttons to match the faceplate. It would have been nice if they were able to print the words for POWER, MEMORY STICK icon and whatever else there is.

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    by Published on February 2nd, 2011 02:21
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    Griffin iTrip FM Transmitter PSP
    Manufacturer: Griffin Technology
    Site: Buy from Griffin
    Price: $24.99

    Overview : Offering a sleek, slim design that slides securely onto the bottom of the PSP quickly and easily, without adding bulk, the iTrip’s easy to read display sends audio right to your radio. Rock your game, movies and music through your own home and car systems and you’ll never go back to the stock speakers.

    Technical Specifications :
    • Built-in antenna
    • Power requirement: 2 AA Batteries (included)
    • Modulation: FM Stereo
    • Frequencies: 88.1-107.9MHz
    • High stability crystal oscillator, phase-lock loop control
    • Frequency response: 50Hz to 15KHz
    • Operating range: 10-30 ft
    • Dimensions: 5.81" x 1.49" x .092" (147.7mm x 38mm x 23.4mm)
    • FCC compliant

    Quality/Usability : With Griffin being well known for their iPod accessories, Griffin decided to port their ever so popular iTrip for the iPod to the PSP.

    The design and sleek which matches the look of the PSP. The iTrip PSP runs on 2 AA batteries (included) which are located on the back. On the front, are three buttons which is used for your presets, an LED display to show you what station you are using, LX (stereo)/DX (monaural), -/+ buttons to select between stations and a SELECT Button.

    In order for the iTrip PSP to work, you have to select your frequency to a station where you hear nothing but static or silence, with no music in the background. Once the iTrip is plugged into the bottom of the PSP, you will need to change the frequency on the iTrip to that of the one on the radio.

    First you'll need to press the iTrip's "SELECT" button twice. This will flash the frequency numbers. To change the frequency, you'll have to press the - or + buttons. Once you have selected the frequency that matches the radio, press the "SELECT" button once to confirm.

    To store up to 3 frequency's, all you have to do is press the SELECT button once and choose either 1, 2 or 3 and hold down that corresponding button for 3 seconds. If you want to choose a preset frequence, just press the SELECT button once and then press either 1, 2 or 3 for the station you want.

    The iTrip lets you play in either Stereo (LX) or Monaural (DX) mode. To toggle between Stereo and Mono, you would press the SELECT button three times and the mode indicator (LX or DX) will flash. Press the + button to toggle between LX and DX. Once you have chosen a mode, press SELECT to confirm the change.

    Since the iTrip occupies the headphone jack and power plug, the bottom of the iTrip has what you would call, a pass-through port. Even with the iTrip connected, you can charge your PSP and listen to music. Unfortunately, it wont allow you to use a remote control headset and it will not charge the batteries in the iTrip.

    iTrip was tested both inside a house and in the car. If you have a car that does not let you manually scan for frequency, you'll have a problem as the car radio will only look for stations that has signal. With the iTrip connected the sound is clear coming out of the radio but as like any other FM transmitter, sound is very low and you will either have to raise the volume on your PSP and/or on your radio. Just remember that if you do raise the volume on your radio, to lower the volume before you disconnect the iTrip from the PSP.

    I must say though, even on the road whether its in a crowded area with tall building or in non-congested area, the quality is still clear. Whats great is that the RoadDock PSP fits well with it as the iTrip has a small groove that allows the RoadDock to somewhat clip onto it.

    Conclusion : Overall, the Griffin iTrip FM Transmitter PSP does a great job of transferring sound to your radio. This comes in handy for those on long roadtrips where you want music from your PSP to be played through the speakers of your car. This can also become a nice little prank if someone you know is using a radio and you "intercept" their frequency and play something of yours. The iTrip unfortunately does not have a ON/OFF button and the LED display turns off automatically after a few seconds even when in use. It would have been nice if they did add one. Griffin also included a nice little pouch to store your iTrip. The pouch is a little big for it though.

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    by Published on February 2nd, 2011 02:21
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    Capdase Alumor Metal & Silicone Case
    Manufacturer: Capdase
    Site: Buy from Play-Asia (grey) / Buy from Play-Asia (red) / Buy from Play-Asia (silver) / Buy from Play-Asia (blue) / Buy from Play-Asia (purle) / Buy from Play-Asia (pink) / Buy from Play-Asia (gold)
    Price: $14.90

    Overview : Capdase Metal hard cases for PSP have always been hot demanding products among stylish gamers worldwide. Taking the successful Alumor (Anodized Aluminum) case technology from iPod products, Capdase announced to launch the new hard cases for PSP. You protect your console first with a layer of Soft Jacket and then cover it up with the colorful and stylish metal hard case. Available in 7 different colors, Red, Blue, Purple, Grey, Silver, Gold and Pink.

    Features :
    • 2in1 excellent protection: Soft Jacket & anodized aluminium casing
    • Precisely molded case for perfect fitting
    • Detachable movie stand included for movie & picture viewing
    • Innovative "unbreakable screen cover" for total screen protection
    • Protects against drops, shocks, dust, dirt & scratches
    • Easy access to all controls & buttons
    • Attractive choice of colors to personalize your game console

    Quality/Usability : The Capdase Alumor Metal & Silicone case is a 2-in-1. Capdase decided to add a metal casing to their ever so popular silicone case for the PSP. The silicon case protects the PSP both front and back. The silicone case leaves the directional pad, analog stick and face buttons open except for the bottom row buttons. The Alumor also comes with a durable screen protector for the silicone case. On the back of the silicone case, there is an opening for easy access to your UMD tray. There are also openings for you to charge your PSP, power switch, WiFi switch, USB port and headphone jack.

    To insert your PSP into the silicone case, you must slide the PSP into the Soft Jacket. Once its in place, you can place the screen protector on top with the cushion side down.

    The Alumor case is made of metal. The metal case consists of two cases. To form the casing, place the front metal cover on top and push down onto the Soft Jacket. Then place the back cover on top and push down to ensure closure. Like the silicone case, the metal case has opening that are easily accessible to all buttons and ports. On the back of the metal case is a stand. This is great if you want to prop the PSP for easy viewing while watching a movie. The stand is also detachable. Unfortunately, the metal casing does not have an opening for the UMD tray. In order to swap games, you must remove the metal back casing.

    To remove the back casing, just push the front and back metal cover away from each other in the opposite direction.

    Conclusion : Overall, the Capdase Alumor Metal and Silicone case is a nice product. It feels comfortable in the hands. Its nice that you can have either the option of using just the silicone case or the silicone case with the metal case. You will not be able to use the metal case only as it is too loose for the PSP alone. It can be annoying having to remove the metal casing everytime you want to swap UMDs.

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    by Published on February 2nd, 2011 02:21
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    PSP 3600mAh Battery Pack
    Manufacturer: Dragonplus
    Site : Buy from Brando
    Price: $20.00

    Overview : This battery pack provides 1800mAh of extra power for your PSP console, double the battery life and extend your play time.

    Features :
    • Extended to 3600mAh after installing the original battery
    • Extend your play time
    • Inner lithium battery
    • 1800mAh, 3.7V
    • Size : 72.8 x 47.8 x 31.3 mm
    • Weight : 59gm

    Quality/Usability : This isnt your normal external battery pack where you charge and than plug into your PSP. This one is actually like an attachment or an adapter (see pictures). Installation setup is easy and is just like you would place the PSP battery into the PSP..just that there is an extra attachment.

    Installation :
    • Open PSP battery cover
    • Take out PSP battery
    • Place PSP battery into battery pack
    • Place PSP battery cover onto battery pack
    • Place PSP battery pack into PSP system
    • Complete

    Unlike the other battery packs, there is no charging. You dont plug this into any adapters and there is no ON/OFF switch to conserve battery. Just simply place this inside the PSP's battery port and place the PSP battery into this battery pack and thats it.

    To remove the battery pack, there is a button that you press on top. Removing the battery itself is a little hard. I had to use a credit card to get pop it out. Other than that..the battery and battery pack fit snuggly in its place.

    The packaging of the battery claims you get up to 12 hours. Thats an additional 6-8 hours.

    Conclusion : This is a nice piece of an accessory. Blends in with the PSP nicely. It even accepts the PSP battery cover to cover the back. My only complaint is the size of it. Its kind of bulky, so it gets a little use to. Not to mention, if you're using a Logitech PlayGear Pocket, you wont be able to use the case at all due to the size of the battery pack. You'll either have to eliminate the use of the case or remove the battery pack each time you're not playing.

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    by Published on February 2nd, 2011 02:03
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    Slappa Hardbody Complete Case
    Manufacturer: Slappa
    Site: Buy from Slappa
    Price: $29.99

    Overview : The HardBody PSP Complete Case features the same highly protective xEVA shell as SLAPPA's award-winning HardBody CD and DVD line. It offers a storage capacity capable of carrying a gamer's full PSP collection for home storage that is also highly portable for travel. A hand sewn UMD storage page holds 6 UMDs, while separate Velcro secured scubaprene storage bags are provided for protecting and storing PSP, extra UMDs, headphones and remote separately. The PSP Complete's design is rounded out with a rainproof zipper and dual rubber SLAPPA logo pulls for an all-inclusive and sleek PSP storage case.

    Features :
    • xEVA shell with graphite and patent PVC exterior
    • Large cargo net storage pocket inside case cover for storing extra PSP accessories
    • Storage divider with secure Velcro closure to hold products in place and prevent scratching
    • Super-soft, hand sewn UMD storage page with max. capacity of 6 discs

    Quality/Usability : This is pretty much an all in one carry case. Not only does it protect your PSP and all your games and accessories, it carries them all. The case itself features a graphite and patent PVC outer design over a xEVA HardBody shell. When you first open it, on the left side (underside of cover), is a cargo net storage where you can put your charger, headphones and other accessories. You have one divider that protects items from falling out of the cargo net storage area. The second divider is where you can store up to 6 UMDs. Each flap have velcros to prevent the flaps from moving and secures the UMDs in place.

    Conclusion : Overall, this is a well laid out design. Its convenient and very sturdy. This case is for those who carry lots of games and accessories with them and need them all in one spot. Considering the size is big, it would be nice to have a little hand or some sort to make carrying a little better.

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    by Published on February 2nd, 2011 01:06
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    The PSP Emulator for Windows thats written in java gets yet another update:

    Heres whats new:

    Fix for "intBitsToFloat" problem in "Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep - US - ULUS10505"

    http://buildbot.orphis.net/jpcsp/ ...