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    by Published on May 1st, 2013 09:59
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    A team of console hackers, previously responsible for a custom chip that circumvents security protocols on Wii, have claimed they are able to design a similar key for Wii U.
    Nintendo has told CVG that it's aware of the hackers' claims, and is ready combat any possible threat of piracy. "Nintendo is aware that a hacking group claims to have compromised Wii U security; however, we have no reports of illegal Wii U games nor unauthorized applications playable on the system while in Wii U mode," the company said in a statement. "Nintendo continuously monitors all threats to its products' security and will use technology and will take the necessary legal steps to prevent the facilitation of piracy.Original report continues:The hackers say they have "completely reversed the Wii U drive authentication, disk encryption, file system, and everything else needed for this next generation key".Though it appears that the group has designed a hardware chip, the complexities of modding a console raises questions about the claim that it has fully hacked the Wii U.Other questions, such as whether the mod will survive an official system update, or if the modded system could run back-up games, remain unanswered.The group, which CVG has decided against identifying, has yet to provide verifiable evidence that it has hacked the Wii U, though it is responsible for one of the many Wii mod keys available.Hacks of this nature could test Nintendo's expertise and will in overcoming piracy.The legal issues surrounding modding consoles are particularly complex due to differences in international law.In the modern age, console manufacturers tend to battle piracy by offering valuable online services that hacked systems tend to be stranded from. The capacity of Wii U discs - at 25 gigs per layer - is also a deterrent for piracy.CVG has contacted Nintendo for comment.

    by Published on April 28th, 2013 21:25
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    Injustice: Gods Among Us is on sale at Toys R Us for a mere $34.99, a whopping $25 off its original price. The deal ends on May 4.

    That's it. We're not sure what else you want from us here. You really should just go play the game and prepare yourself for the Lobo DLC that's coming on May 7.

    Toys R Us (Xbox 360)
    (Wii U)
    by Published on April 26th, 2013 00:06
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    We speak to analysts about Nintendo's recent fiscal report and the company's move to give Iwata the additional role of North American CEO

    Nintendo of America

    Nintendo's recent fiscal report revealed shockingly poor sales for the Wii U console, and while the company did turn a profit, it once again failed to hit estimates. On top of that, the company decided to hand over the North American reins to Satoru Iwata, giving him the additional responsibility of Nintendo of America CEO. What does it all mean for Nintendo, and can Wii U bounce back?GamesIndustry International chatted with several leading analysts to get their takes.
    "Nintendo of America's performance the past couple years has been a disaster on almost every level. Much of this was due to lack of execution on basic stuff like product marketing," said David Cole of DFC Intelligence. "They forgot Marketing 101 for the Wii U and no product could have done well without basic marketing support. Clearly a change in execution was long overdue. The damage done is enormous but there is the possibility of a turnaround. The fact is that the general public is not really aware the Wii U even exists so it is an opportunity to almost start from scratch."
    Indeed, Nintendo need only look to its 3DS strategy as an example of how the company could potentially fix the Wii U, said Asif A. Khan, CFO of Virtue LLC.
    "I still believe Wii U will outsell past flops like the Gamecube, and Nintendo's brands will retain their value for decades to come"
    Asif A. Khan

    "I believe that 3DS offers a perfect template for how Wii U could succeed in the future," he said. "Nintendo had an equally poor 3DS launch lineup as we have seen with the Wii U. One thing that holds true for most systems they have made, software moves the hardware. Nintendoland was not as compelling and groundbreaking as Wii Sports was in 2006. The wow factor of the Wii U is very hard to advertise on television and with no robust third-party exclusives, the system's launch can definitely be characterized as a flop. This does not mean that the company is going to die."
    "Nintendo is projecting a huge 674 percent increase in net income year-over-year and the bar is incredibly low going forward with the last two years being some of the worst financial performances in the company's history. What has given life to the 3DS in recent months is the introduction of high quality first party titles and I believe we will see the same process play out for the Wii U," Khan continued.

    "Nintendo's biggest problem right now is balancing quality with quantity of games. It takes time to make high quality games, and they clearly don't want to overspend on this console cycle. This painstakingly slow approach to software development is why the company is still standing today after past weak console cycles. I still believe Wii U will outsell past flops like the Gamecube, and Nintendo's brands will retain their value for decades to come."
    EEDAR's Jesse Divnich shares Khan's optimism for Nintendo. "Nintendo expects to sell an additional 9 million Wii U units this fiscal year, which is a positive sign for the hardware. While the past quarter numbers have raised eyebrows, Nintendo's confidence in next year does indicate they likely have a few promotional/marketing programs in the pipeline, along with the strong likelihood of stellar content we've yet to see," he said. "We know Nintendo has been in this position before with the 3DS and they were ultimately able to regain consumer confidence and wallet share. We've yet to see the best Nintendo has to offer for the Wii U. I am reserving long-term judgment on the Wii U until we see stronger first party content released. If a new Super Mario, Smash Brothers, Pikmin or Zelda game are unable to revitalize sales, then I'd begin to be concerned."
    Clearly, action is needed to turn things around, and with Iwata now helming Nintendo of America as well, it may be easier to push out a more unified global strategy.
    "Nintendo's historically central role in gaming could be permanently diminished if it doesn't execute better in the US in the next 12 months"
    Lewis Ward

    "The shift in structure likely speaks to a desire to bring Nintendo's Japanese and American operations closer, consolidate its strategic efforts and maximize the opportunities available to the company on a global level," said Scott Steinberg, CEO of consulting firm TechSavvy Global. "With one foot in America and one in Japan, Iwata's leadership may be able to better bridge the gap between audiences and markets, and ensure that the company continues to innovate and deliver high-quality content that appeals to all. The key to rebounding is focus, differentiation, and ability to communicate value - hopefully, Iwata will be uniquely poised and able to draw on the best of both worlds to achieve this goal."
    IDC Research Manager Lewis Ward added, "I think Mr. Iwata understands that for Nintendo to grow overall in 2013 and 2014 that business has to bounce back in the US in particular. It's been
    by Published on April 24th, 2013 08:42
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    The lineup for the Wii U Virtual Console, which launches sometime this week, has been announced.It contains eight games, all but two of which were released for the NES. The outliers, Super Mario World and F-Zero, were released for the SNES.The six NES games are: Punch Out!!, Kirby’s Adventure, Ice Climber, Excitebike, Donkey Kong Jr., and Balloon Fight.Note that the Wii Virtual Console contained games from more systems than these two Nintendo-owned consoles. Not only were there Nintendo 64 games, but Sega Master System, Commodore 64, and Neo Geo games, among others.Nintendo has also stated that GameCube games will be coming to the Wii U.

    by Published on April 23rd, 2013 14:53
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    Heres the latest WiiU Deals:

    Nintendo Wii U Deals for 04-22-2013 Price You Save Retailer Free Shipping?
    007 Legends $37.52 $22.47 (37% off) Amazon Yes
    Assassin's Creed III $40.50 $19.49 (32% off) Amazon Yes
    Batman: Arkham City: Armored Edition $34.95 $25.04 (42% off) Amazon Yes
    Call of Duty: Black Ops II $45.99 $14.00 (23% off) Amazon Yes
    Darksiders II $33.65 $26.34 (44% off) Amazon Yes
    Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two $49.99 $10.00 (17% off) Best Buy Yes
    FIFA Soccer 13 $38.50 $21.49 (36% off) Amazon Yes
    Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes $39.99 $10.00 (20% off) Amazon Yes
    Marvel Avengers: Battle For Earth $39.99 $10.00 (20% off) Best Buy Yes
    Mass Effect 3: Special Edition $38.39 $21.60 (36% off) Amazon Yes
    NBA 2K13 $38.48 $21.51 (36% off) Amazon Yes
    New Super Mario Bros. U $49.49 $10.50 (18% off) Amazon Yes
    Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge $44.78 $15.21 (25% off) Amazon Yes
    Nintendo Land $43.80 $16.19 (27% off) Amazon Yes
    Resident Evil: Revelations $39.99 $10.00 (20% off) Amazon Yes
    Scribblenauts Unlimited $43.95 $16.04 (27% off) Amazon Yes
    Skylanders Giants Starter Pack $54.99 $20.00 (27% off) Amazon Yes
    Tank! Tank! Tank! $37.95 $12.04 (24% off) Amazon Yes
    The Amazing Spider-Man: Ultimate Edition $36.37 $23.62 (39% off) Amazon Yes
    The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct $39.99 $10.00 (20% off) Gamestop No
    ZombiU $46.44 $13.55 (23% off) Amazon Yes
    by Published on April 23rd, 2013 00:38
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    If you've got games, consoles, and peripherals gathering dust and cluttering up your minimalist entertainment center, today is the today to convert them to credit.

    Gamestop has been the de factor black hole for trade-ins for longer than any of us can remember, but in recent years other retailers have jumped in to the fray. The paltry sums the big GS offers for your hard-earned discs have been a frequent lament, and while it's actually very possible to make a killing from Gamestop, the process isn't so transparent, and that's a PSA for another day.

    The Amazon deal we're bringing to you today is dead simple. Trade in $20 or more worth of "games, consoles, and accessories," and get a bonus $20 credit. That is a serious deal. Games like the 360 version of Tomb Raider will net you $54 in credit after the bonus is applied, and some titles will actually cross the $60 event horizon. Yes, you'll make money on a game you paid full price for.

    Shipping to Amazon is as low impact as possible, and FREE. What you will have to concern yourself with is that obviously, only new-ish titles are going to bring the big bucks. If you're sending in a legacy library, you may have to really stack them up to hit the $20 mark, as anyone who has ever traded at Gamestop knows.

    We saved the best but most intensive part of the deal for last. If you're a fast player or the game in question is short, you can buy from Amazon, play, and sell back before the 27th, making money in the process. Naturally, having a Prime account would make this a lot more feasible by making the initial shipping to you faster.

    Example: Buy Bioshock: Infinite for $50 with free shipping, play, ship by the 27th, get $56 (up to 36 +20) credit.

    http://www.amazon.com/gp/feature.htm...cId=1001102761 ...
    by Published on April 22nd, 2013 21:36
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    A few months ago I opined that the Wii U's Virtual Console, with its limited launch lineup, limited platforms, and limited upgrades from the Wii Virtual Console, was less than ideal. A few things have changed since then: some of the games have launched (for 30 cents), we have a solid launch date for the service in earnest, and there's a more detailed launch list. However, none of the basic issues have been fixed; the Virtual Console carries the same inherent flaws it did in January.

    But for now, all is forgiven. Because Earthbound.

    by Published on April 21st, 2013 21:22
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    Nintendo of America has announced via its Facebook page that the Wii U Virtual Console will launch in the US this Tuesday, April 23.
    Nintendo announced this week that a roster of classic NES and SNES titles will be available at launch on the service, including Super Mario World, F-Zero, Excitebike, Donkey Kong Jr, Super Metroid and Mega Man 1.The platform holder also revealed it is aiming to bring cult SNES RPG Earthbound to the Wii U Virtual Console in both North America and Europe by the end of the year.In addition to NES and Super NES games, titles from the Game Boy Advance and other systems will be available in the future.Each title will have an official Miiverse community and games can be paused and returned to later using Restore Points.

    by Published on April 20th, 2013 22:03
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    Software delays on Wii U may frustrate - but Nintendo knows that its long-term success is built on game quality, not "winning" sales wars



    Of the many and varied approaches to PR which have been attempted by game publishers and platform holders in recent years, few have been quite so successful as Nintendo's now semi-regular "Nintendo Direct" broadcasts. Not only has the content being announced generally been of a very high standard - and particularly pleasing to the Nintendo faithful, of course - the presentation style has helped to humanise Nintendo's executives, making likeable personalities out of people in rules traditionally dismissed as "suits" at other companies. Nintendo now enjoys the unique privilege of a devoted following and guaranteed coverage for its broadcasts, along with a halo effect of likeability around the company as a whole - a superb pay-off for a clever but reasonably straightforward approach to PR.
    "The presentation style has helped to humanise Nintendo's executives, making likeable personalities out of suits

    This week's Nintendo Direct was no exception. It was light-hearted and likeable, but included plenty of impressive, crowd-pleasing news about 3DS software - most notably the announcement of a sequel to 1991's much-loved Zelda game, Link To The Past. Arriving on top of what's already an extremely impressive pile of software in the 3DS pipeline, it's hard to see how 2013 could be anything but a success for Nintendo's handheld; October's Pokemon titles alone should guarantee a Christmas bonanza for the platform, with the rest of the line-up being the icing on the cake.
    Even as the 3DS builds and builds towards a market size which many considered impossible only a couple of years ago (my own take was that 3DS would do well but wouldn't rival the ultimate success of its predecessor, the DS; I stand by that, but it looks increasingly possible that I'll be proved happily wrong), rumblings of discontent abound. Nintendo made clear in advance of this week's broadcast that it was going to be about 3DS software, yet the announcement of new titles for 3DS seemed only to deepen dissatisfaction with the slow pace of launches on the Wii U.
    This is a merry-go-round with which we're probably all familiar by now - Nintendo launches a new console, there are several months of slow software launches and title slippages, then finally things seem to get into gear and software starts to pour out of the creative floodgates in Kyoto. Apologies are profuse; next time will be better. Next time, of course, is exactly the same. Recently, Satoru Iwata has been criticised - not unfairly - on the grounds of this pattern. "We'll do better next time!" sounds a lot less credible the fourth or fifth time. For new Wii U owners wondering where Pikmin or The Wonderful 101 are, these pledges certainly sound hollow.
    While criticism of any company on the grounds of failing to live up to its promises is completely valid - and it is absolutely not the place of consumers to come up with excuses for multi-billion dollar corporate behemoths - I'm not sure that this specific criticism has legs when it comes to Nintendo, at least from a business perspective. It seems to me that it misses the point of what exactly Nintendo is; what exactly the company does, and where its value lies.
    "Nintendo would survive the failure of a console platform. It will not survive a sufficiently serious sullying of the Mario brand"

    Certainly, if you look at the Wii U right now, it's not doing well. It's probably overpriced, it's certainly lacking in seriously compelling software and it's not building its installed base at the rate it needs to in order to be a sustainable platform for developers. While the 3DS is going great guns (slower in the west than in Japan, but still by no means doing badly), the Wii U is a dark spot for Nintendo - a product which shows all the hallmarks of potential market failure.
    That would be bad. Yet there's something that would be worse - much worse, in fact. Imagine a scenario in which Nintendo, shaken by slow sales of the Wii U, reacted by doing what many commentators seem to demand of them - speeding up the release schedule for Wii U software. I have no doubt that, given sufficiently aggressive management and a sufficiently devil-may-care attitude to bugs and balance issues, Nintendo could pump out a number of really big-name titles on the Wii U before the end of the year - possibly even getting all of its biggest franchises represented on the console. This is hardly blue-sky thinking; nearly every developer has experience of seeing a game they worked on being pushed out unfinished to meet a schedule.
    The reason Nintendo, thankfully, doesn't do this is because Nintendo's management understands where the value of its company lies. The "Wii U" brand, or even the "Wii" brand, has only been around for half a decade and probably won't be around for much more than another half-decade, at best. This console generation will only last five years, if things
    by Published on April 15th, 2013 20:54
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    Analyst forecasts yet another bad month of sales in the US for Nintendo's console and says even a price cut wouldn't be enough to help

    Nintendo of America

    The NPD Group will report its US video game retail data this Thursday, and in a preview note Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter commented that he's expecting Nintendo to post yet another weak month of Wii U sales. For the Wii U's fifth month on the market, he's forecasting that Nintendo sold just 55,000 units, which would represent a 17 percent decline month-over-month. Moreover, Pachter's expecting this slide to continue for Wii U, even if Nintendo chooses to implement a price cut.
    "The only key hardware device to underperform our expectations was the Wii U," Pachter said of last month's numbers, "and its fortunes appear unlikely to improve for several months, even if Nintendo decides to drop price, as there are an insufficient number of core titles that are generating interest in the console. We think that core gamers are far more likely to turn their attention to the PS4 (due in the holiday season) and the next Xbox, which we believe will be unveiled before E3 and have a launch alongside that of the PS4, and believe that the long-term appeal of the Wii U will be severely limited by the perception that the PS4 and next Xbox will be much more powerful with greater online integration and multimedia functionality."
    And if the pricing on the PS4 and next Xbox is reasonable, it could really put Wii U in a bind, Pachter added: "Should the new consoles from Sony and Microsoft be price competitive, we think that Wii U sales may continue to stagnate." In fact, Pachter believes that next-gen consoles are likely to be subsidized and will therefore look even more affordable to consumers.
    "We think that the next-generation consoles will perform a wide range of multimedia functions. We should learn more in the coming months, but we expect the next Xbox to have an IPTV tuner that will allow an MSO to deliver services over the Internet outside of the MSO's regulated geographic boundaries. If we are right, any of Microsoft's MSO partners will have an incentive to subsidize the purchase of the next Xbox in exchange for a long-term service commitment (similar to the cell phone model). If the subsidies are steep, it is likely that the next Xbox will appear more affordable to many consumers than currently anticipated, and it may capture market share faster than many expect. We don't expect Sony to sit idly by watching, and believe that the PS4 will follow Microsoft's lead in short order, suggesting to us that next-generation consoles could have lower starting prices than any in history," he said.
    As for March retail game sales overall, Pachter expects the numbers to be up slightly (just one percent) thanks to big AAA releases like Gears of War: Judgment, Tomb Raider and BioShock Infinite.


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