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  • Nintendo 64 News

    by Published on February 18th, 2020 16:57
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    1964 - Carnivorous Edition (2020/02/17) is compiled. Unofficial fork of 1964. 1964 is a free Open Source N64 Emulator. It is one of the top Nintendo emulators arround that you can get with a high game compatibility rate.

    1964 - Carnivorous Edition Changelog
    Updated GLideN64 to WIP build
    Updated GLideN64 to WIP build
    Updated GLideN64 to WIP build
    Updated GLideN64 to WIP build
    Fixed GLideN64 mipmaps
    Updated GLideN64 to WIP build
    New GLideN64 texture pack for GoldenEye (HUD only)
    Updated GLideN64 to WIP build
    Added DirectInput plugin
    Updated readme FAQ and install guide
    Updated GLideN64 (Public Release 4.0)
    Updated GLideN64 to WIP build
    Recompiled RSP.dll
    Added beta crosshair to texture pack
    Updated GLideN64 to WIP build (split-screen supported)
    Updated readme FAQ
    Updated 1964.ini to use correct defaults for all ROMs
    Updated readme FAQ (thanks to Graslu00)
    Added 30fps cheat for GE\GF
    Replaced No Audio 1964.dll with No Audio.dll (more stable)
    Updated readme FAQ (thanks to DuskyLW and Pheonarx)
    Updated N-Rage plugin to 2.3d
    Added counter factor settings to 1964.ini for GE\PD
    Updated Glide64.ini to use new buffer swapping for Perfect Dark\GoldenEye: X
    Inserted Goldfinger 64 CRC to 1964.ini\Project64.rdb\Glide64.ini
    Cleaned up readme
    New Glide64 texture pack for GoldenEye (HUD only)
    Removed standalone Perfect Dark speed-hack (now included in 1964)
    Unpacked UPX compressed dlls msvcp60d.dll and msvcrtd.dll (caused antivirus false positives)
    Replaced ASPack'd zlib.dll with unmodified zlib.dll
    Replaced saves with more complete saves
    Updated readme guide and FAQ (thanks to Graslu00 and Oxygen)
    Fixed typo in readme (thanks to Rekrul)
    Updated GLideN64 (Public Release 2.0)
    Inserted GoldenEye: X 5e CRC to 1964.ini\Project64.rdb
    Inserted GoldenEye: X 5d CRC to 1964.ini\Project64.rdb
    Removed GE-MP (unfinished and source of false positive antivirus detection)
    Will ask user which video plugin to use on first launch
    Fixed borderless fullscreen bug on ROM close
    Added borderless fullscreen mode
    Always disable autoload cheats on start up
    Fixed Memory Pak corruption for players 2\3\4
    Added 60fps firing rate fix to GE
    Added region checks for GE\PD hacks
    Adjusted filename for loading RSP.dll
    Only update Project64.rdb if using Jabo
    Status bar shows correct CF on launch
    Default rdram\counter factor set to - 1 & 8mb
    Opening cheats will now restore mouse cursor
    Fixed show\hide cursor bug when returning from dialog window
    Cheat settings will load from 1964.cfg
    Combat boost now works at 60fps
    No longer reset counter factor settings for GE\PD
    Tweaked the default window size
    Improved timing stability for GE\PD
    Fixed GoldenEye TLB gamehack that caused issues with 24MB ROM hacks
    Removed maximize button
    Added option to increase PD speed-hack frequency
    Reduced PD speed-hack inject rate (less aggressive)
    Fixed bug that caused game to soft lock when unpaused
    Fixed Memory Pak corruption on first write
    Improved GE\PD ROM detection for loading default settings (supports Perfect Dark +)
    Added PD speed-hack from Mouse Injector (more stable)
    Will ask user for ROM folder on first launch
    Profiling stats disabled by default
    Changing states will display the new slot # in the Status Bar
    Reverted relative filepath for saves\plugins as it caused issues with Windows 10
    Removed CTRL+R hotkey for RSP plugin settings
    Fixed bug with ROM properties window not displaying the correct defaults for GE\PD
    Lock counter factor to 1 while Overclocking
    Default counter factor set to 2
    Extended overclock to 18 times (requires powerful CPU)
    Removed overclock profiles (combined all in one exe)
    Integrated overclocking into menu
    Fixed save issue with uncommon characters in filepath
    Removed registry functionality (uses 1964.cfg instead)
    New icon provided by deuxsonic
    Maximum Kernel Frequency on by default
    New option - Set Maximum Kernel Frequency (thanks to deuxsonic)
    New option - Disable Status Bar
    Cursor is unhidden when opening plugin configuration windows
    Backported 1964 1.1 cheat engine (better compatibility)
    TAB now hides status bar (thanks to deuxsonic)
    On first load, set input plugin to Mouse Injector in registry
    Unpause only when entering fullscreen
    Fixed cursor hiding while changing plugin settings
    Fixed show\hide cursor bug (TAB now toggles cursor)
    Changed filenames - caused emu detect issues in W10 (thanks to Stunning Cactus)
    Auto enable\disable RSP emulation for GoldenEye 007\Perfect Dark (ROM name detection)
    Adds ROM CRC to Project64.rdb when running new ROM (for Jabo compatibility)
    Default plugins set to Jabo - Mouse Injector - Azimer
    Romlist shows filename by default
    Set Perfect Dark\GoldenEye: X to EEPROM 16KB (ROM name detection)
    Two overclock profiles - six\nine times
    Compiled non-overclocked 1964 version - for slow cpus\novelty
    Mouse Injector
    Adjusted UI
    Rewrote BONDDATA scanning
    Lowered FOV range for speedrun build
    Adjust weapon position for override FOV
    Compensate for override FOV while in aim mode
    Limit SetCursorPos execution
    Updated Copyright
    Sanity check pickup threshold before overwriting
    Created speedrun build (removes FOV advantage and pickup threshold adjustment)
    Version 1.9 Released
    Lock crosshair X axis when driving the tank while tank equipped as weapon
    Override camera y axis pickup threshold (from -45 to -60)
    Added enum type for mouse\keyboard
    Enable revert after clicking detect input button
    Flush input when starting injection thread
    Replaced pthread_create with CreateThread
    Doubled BONDDATA scanning time
    Use ...
    by Published on February 17th, 2020 18:53
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    2. Nintendo 64 News

    This time, we turn to a fan favourite: the Nintendo 64 issue from November of '98 as we look at issue 21.
    We blast off with a first look at one of the biggest games on the system. It's none other than Perfect Dark from Rare.
    We then look at the interview with Howard Lincoln, who talks about the past, present and future of the Nintendo 64.
    Then we jump straight into the wilderness with the massive 10 page review for Turok 2: Seeds of Evil by Iguana Entertainment. And finally, we look at the review for Glover by Interactive Studios.

    http://www.outofprintarchive.com/cat...agazine21.html ...
    by Published on December 5th, 2019 20:45
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    2. Nintendo 64 News

    This week we return yet again to the world of the Nintendo 64 with a jam-packed issue of N64 Magazine.
    We waste no time and dive into the features in this issue. First up is WipEout 64 by Psygnosis, then we have the cancelled Hype: The Time Quest by Ubisoft, and finally the feature/review of the Japanese release of Pokémon Stadium by Game Freak.
    Then we go straight into the reviews. The first one is F1 World Grand Prix by Paradigm Entertainment, Buck Bumble by Argonaut Software, ISS '98 by Konami, and finally Rakuga Kids also by Konami.

    http://www.outofprintarchive.com/cat...agazine20.html ...
    by Published on August 27th, 2019 23:05
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    2. Nintendo 64 News

    • After having been decompiled back in July, the source code for Super Mario 64 has been completely reverse-engineered, and is now publicly available. Available on GitHub is a full decompilation of the beloved 3D platformer, Super Mario 64. The decompilation works for the NTSC-U and NTSC-J builds of the game, with (E) ROM support coming soon. To keep things legal, you will need to provide your own copy of the game, in order to compile the data, with the exact process being detailed, below. If you've ever wanted to see some of the magic that went into creating such an iconic game, you can now finally see into all of the finer details.
      1. For each version (jp/us/eu) that you want to build a ROM for, put an existing ROM at ./baserom..z64 for asset extraction.
      2. Install the following packages:

      Debian / Ubuntu

      • git
      • binutils-mips-linux-gnu / mips64-elf (>= 2.27)
      • python3 (>= 3.7)
      • build-essential
      • pkg-config
      • zlib1g-dev
      • libaudiofile-dev

      Arch Linux

      1. Install qemu-irix

      3.a Options: 1. Clone https://github.com/n64decomp/qemu-irix to somewhere and follow its install instructions in the README. 2. Optionally, grab the prebuilt qemu-irix from the Releases section. 3. (Arch) Use AUR package qemu-irix-git

      3.b (For options 1 or 2), copy executable qemu-irix from irix-linux-user to somewhere convenient with a relatively short path.

      mkdir -p /opt/qemu-irix/bin
      cp irix-linux-user/qemu-irix /opt/qemu-irix/bin

      3.c Define QEMU_IRIX environment variable in your ~/.bashrc to point to this qemu-irix executable.

      export QEMU_IRIX=/opt/qemu-irix/bin/qemu-irix

      1. Run make to build the ROM (defaults to us version). Make sure your path to the repo is not too long or else this process will error, as the emulated IDO compiler cannot handle paths longer than 255 characters. Build examples:

      make VERSION=jp -j4 # build (J) version instead with 4 jobs
      make VERSION=eu COMPARE=0 # non-matching EU version still WIP

      For Windows, install WSL and a distro of your choice and follow the Linux guide.

    by Published on July 22nd, 2019 16:30
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    2. Nintendo 64 News

    This time, we go back to the summer months of 1998 with issue 19 of N64 Magazine from July.
    To begin with another huge, 8 page feature for Banjo Kazooie by Rare.
    Then we look at the Japanese review for Bomberman Hero by Hudson Soft. Next up is a timeless arcade classic by Taito: Bust-A-Move 2.
    And finally we have the review for Ubisoft's GT 64 , as well as NBA Courtside by Left Field Productions.

    http://www.outofprintarchive.com/cat...agazine17.html ...
    by Published on July 9th, 2019 16:46
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    2. Nintendo 64 News

    This week, we jump back in time again to 21 year ago to the release of the June edition of N64 Magazine from 1998.
    To start off strong with a future look at Rare's timeless classic Banjo Kazooie.
    Then we look at the review for Forsaken 64 by Iguana Entertainment. Next up is Air Boarder 64 by Human Entertainment.
    And we finish up this update with the review for World Cup '98 by Electronic Arts.

    http://www.outofprintarchive.com/cat...agazine16.html ...
    by Published on June 26th, 2019 20:47
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    2. Nintendo 64 News

    • The EON Super 64, the first-of-its-kind, plug-and-play solution connecting the Nintendo 64 with modern television and monitors, launches July 22, 2019.

      Developed by EON, the creators of the acclaimed GCHD and GCHD Mk-II, the Super 64 fits seamlessly into original hardware and upscales beloved retro classics on modern displays without risky modifications. EON introduces the world’s first Nintendo 64 HDMI adapter that operates without an external power source and yields truly lagless input. The Super 64’s gorgeous upscaled 480p boasts twice the resolution of the original console’s video output. Seriously.

      “Slick Mode” enables retro fans to relive the triumphs of yesteryear with even smoother visuals, rounding out jagged edges for a sharper image that makes classics look better than ever. Through EON’s careful attention to detail, the Super 64 boasts the truest representation of color to create the most faithful N64 experience supplanting efforts of typical cable upgrades.

      The beloved N64 sold over 32.9 million units since its 1996 debut. The Super 64 builds a bridge of nostalgic perfection between the N64's analog output and high-definition displays. Nostalgic gamers and competitive players can enjoy their favorite N64 titles on modern setups via HDMI, foregoing the need for heavy CRT televisions or risky console modifications.

      EON's patent pending design is carefully crafted to prevent stress on older hardware and allows the N64 to slot neatly alongside modern platforms.

      Delivering an upscaled experience that still champions the original look and feel guided EON's development process, evident in the Super 64's form-fitting elegance, brilliant display of colors, and remarkable audio fidelity.

      "The Super 64 was designed to celebrate the console that pioneered 3D gaming. We set out to create something that respects the original hardware while delivering the original look and feel," said Justin Chou, Justin Scerbo, and Allan Chou, founders of EON. "The Super 64 is for everyone seeking to relive those classic experiences, and for a new generation for whom so many memories have yet to be made."

    https://castlemaniagames.com/collect...s/eon-super-64 ...
    by Published on May 29th, 2019 16:17
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    2. Nintendo 64 News

    This week, we jump exactly 21 year back in time to May 1998 where we find N64 Magazine 15 on the magazine rack.
    To start off our preview articles, we begin with a future look at Forsaken 64 by Iguana Entertainment UK.
    Then we look at Quake 64 by id Software, followed by the Japan exclusive Susume! Taisen Puzzle Dama.
    Not just happy with only one puzzle game, we then look towards the very unique Wetrix by Zed Two, before finishing up with the UK review for Yoshi's Story.

    http://www.outofprintarchive.com/cat...agazine15.html ...
    by Published on April 11th, 2019 18:23
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    2. Nintendo 64 News

    GLideN64 is a new generation, open-source graphics plugin for N64 emulators

    GLideN64 Public Release v4.0 Changelog:

    The second big topic of this new release is fixing of regressions.

    Unfortunately, each big release is brings not only new features and fixes, but also new bugs. Complete testing is very hard and tedious process. Fortunately, users are founding and reporting us about issues. One of my goals for this release was to fix all known regressions. I combed project's bug tracker for such bugs. To my surprise, many reported issues were actually old and very old regressions. I even found regressions, which were made before the very first public release. I fixed all these issues and I hope that this release will not bring many new ones.

    New features.

    1. As you know, GLideN64 has special mode for precise emulation of N64 depth compare. This mode helps to fix many minor and some major issues with depth compare, but it has some limitations:
    serious performance drop in some games
    incompatibility with Multi-Sample Anti Aliasing (MSAA)
    Logan McNaughton aka loganmc10 found OpenGL extensions, which helped us to weaken the performance issue greatly. Now you can use N64 depth compare freely if your hardware supports required extensions. This mode is still incompatible with MSAA, but now we have a solution. I implemented Fast Approximate Anti Aliasing (FXAA) , which you can enable along with N64 depth compare.

    2. Ultimate solution for "remove these darn annoying black boarders" issue: Overscan feature. Now you may crop output image as much as you want.

    3. User profiles. You may create profiles with different settings and switch between them. For example, you may create a profile with 2D fixes enabled to play 2D games, or create a profile with N64 depth compare + FXAA enabled.

    New supported games

    I already mentioned implementation of new microcodes, which finally made it possible to run any game with HLE. However, there are still games, which can't run properly because they do something weird what GLideN64 does not expect and can't emulate yet. Example of such game is Super Bowling 64. The way that game programmed makes it hard to emulate on PC hardware. Finally I found a way how it can be done. That fix then helped me to solve split screen issue in NASCAR 2000. Another example of hard to emulate issue is multiplayer mode in GoldenEye 007 and Perfect Dark with 3 or 4 players. It was fixed too.


    It is impossible to list all solved issues. We closed more than 175 issues during this release cycle .
    You may read my change-logs on Patreon for details.

    Thanks to all backers of "Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine" crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. We hardly would take that task without your support.
    Thanks to all my patrons on www.patreon.com/Gliden64 I very appreciate your support.
    Thanks to all users of https://github.com/gonetz/GLideN64. Your bug reports and feedback greatly help us to improve quality of the program.
    Very special thanks to olivieryuyu, the author of incredible microcode decoding


    via http://www.emulation64.com/view/2964...-v40-released/ ...
    by Published on February 7th, 2019 17:20
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    2. Nintendo 64 News

    After the overwhelmingly positive response to the last two issues of N64 Magazine, it might not be all that surprising to see another one pop up.
    This time we are releasing issue 12 from February of 1998.
    We begin our preview gallery with a feature that looks at what it takes to play import games on your N64. From here on out we have a slew of reviews to show you. Starting of with Yoshi's Story. From AKI, we have WCW vs NWO World Tour. Robotron 64, Art of Fighting Twin and finally Shin Nihon Pro Wrestling: Toukon Road 2 - The Next Generation.

    http://www.outofprintarchive.com/cat...agazine12.html ...
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