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    by Published on February 1st, 2011 20:50
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    SplitFish GameWare edgeFX Mouse/Keyboard Controller (PS2)
    Review by: Lastblade aka kingoffighters
    Provided by: DCEmu Reviews

    Manufacturer: SplitFish
    Site: Buy from Play-Asia
    Price: $29.99

    Overview : PS2 owners who have been asking for a better controller for their beloved FPS (all 2 of you), SplitFish has answered your prayers. edgeFX is a mouse/control pad hybrid controller that attempts to give you the type of control that PC gamers have been enjoying since the dawn of humanity (or circa early 1990s).

    Quality/Usability : This controller claims that it will work with any game, so I am curious to see how it works with both FPS and non-FPS. Installation is as easy as plugging in any PS2 controller. The tricky part is putting the contraption on your lap since it has the mouse pad along with the one-handed control pad (let’s call it the “nunchuck”) for your left hand. To be honest, I never could get comfortable with this setup.

    First game I tried is one of my favorite FPS, Black for the PS2. It is a great game and I have hopes that this controller will improve accuracy and speed. Both my accuracy and speed has gone DOWN from using this controller. The reason is that the mouse is basically emulating the right control pad (thus, it can work with any game and does not need special programming from developers to take advantage). There is a knob on the left control nunchuck that allows you to change the sensitivity of the mouse on the fly. This is actually very helpful to find how fast your mouse moves in relation to how far you push the right analog stick on a regular pad. However, even with the highest sensitivity, you are not moving any faster than pushing the right analog stick to the maximum. Of course, this is obvious since the mouse is emulating the right analog.

    Next game I tried is Killzone. This game is noticeably slower than Black so I was doing a bit better with the mouse. After tweaking the sensitivity knob, I was doing better than Black but still not turning around as fast as I want (again, this is inherent in the game itself and not a fault of the controller). The thing is that I did not want to turn faster with a regular control pad, but I do with a mouse. I suppose my own history of playing FPS with a mouse colored my expectation of how a mouse should work on a PS2 game (even though none of them are programmed with this mouse in mind).

    On the nunchuck controller, there is a very nice analog stick for movement and a cross pad. One very cool button is a “focus” button that slows your controller down. You can snipe much easier with this button held down. I wish this button was incorporated in all FPS.

    Finally, I tried to play a non-FPS game, I figure a setup like this would be ideal for RPGs so I tried Final Fantasy XII and it worked quite nicely. I actually enjoy using this controller for this type of games over a RPG. I would not recommend playing an action/platform game with this setup though.

    Conclusion : Overall, the edgeFX controller is a decent alternative for the PS2 FPS library. It does NOT make you turn faster like a real mouse would (unless developers actually develop a game with this mouse in mind, which won’t happen with the last days of PS2), but does make it more intuitive if you are used to mouse + keyboard control.

    I would also like to give a big THANKS to bandit (DCEmu Reviews) for letting me review this product. I hope everyone enjoyed my review.

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    by Published on February 1st, 2011 20:50
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    Penguin United PS2/PS3/Wii/Xbox360 Multi-Console Component Cable
    Manufacturer: Penguin United
    Site: Buy from Penguin United
    Price: $21.99

    Overview : Fully Compatible with Xbox 360™, Wii™, PS3™ , PS2™ and any TV system with component input. The Final High-Definition Solution for all your Next Generation Gaming Consoles. Avoid the Hassle of switching cables behind your television or dealing with tangled cables from all your Consoles, not to mention the saving from buying 1 cable instead of 3. Support D2 (480i/480p); (720i/720p) & D4 (1080i/ 1080p) technology. Actual resolution displayed will be determined by the technology supported by the Console in use.

    The three AV plugs for each console should NOT be connected to their respective consoles simultaneously. Only one console should be connected for the cable to function properly. If more than one consoles are connected, even if it is set to "off" loss of audio or video may occure, but there will not be any damages done to the console.

    Cable is 8 foot long or 2.4 meter in length.

    Features :
    • Support Component Signal (Stereo Function)
    • Support AV Signal (Stereo Function)
    • High Quality and High Speed for Transfer Signal.
    • Support Dolby Prologic.
    • Support DTS 5.1 Channel System.
    • Support DOLBY Digital and Surround Sound
    • Support Stereo Sound
    • Support Optical Signal (Xbox 360)
    • Compatible with Surround Receiver or Integrated Amplifier
    • Support CRT, Plasma, LCD or any HDTV System
    • Support D2 (480i/480P); (720i/720P) & D4 (1080 i/1080 P) technology.

    Quality/Usability : This is the second multi-console component cable we will be reviewing. The first review coming from XCM. We have reviewed a couple of Penguin United's Wii Component Cables already (Regular / Gold / Premium). All of them were pretty good for a new 3rd party peripheral manufacturer.

    There are three plugs for your console: Xbox360, Wii, PS2/PS3. On the other end are the AV inputs that connect to your TV. Unlike the XCM multi-console component cable, there is no switch on the cable that allows you to switch to whatever system you are going to play with. You will have to plug each plug into the system if you want to play with the console.

    The visual quality of each system is pretty good when connected one by one. I didnt notice much of a difference between this cable or the standalone component cable that you purchase separately for each system.

    The cable itself is fairly long measuring approximately 8 feet long. The cables for each console once split from the cable itself is fairly long enough but you will still have to have your consoles near each other.

    Conclusion : Overall, the Penguin United PS2/PS3/Wii/Xbox360 Multi-Console Component Cable is another alternative to those looking to eliminate cables and is looking for a all-in-one source. The quality of the product is great just like all of the other products Penguin United offers. My only complaint was having to insert the plug into the console I want to play each time. Would of been nice if there was a switch of some sort where I can easily switch back and forth without having to keep on removing the cables.

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    by Published on February 1st, 2011 19:42
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    Dead Space 2, the dismembering space horror sequel from EA and Visceral Games, has taken the top spot on the UK chart in a week of few releases, knocking LittleBigPlanet 2 into second after just a week at the top.

    Dead Space 2 is the only new entry in a reshuffled top twenty which sees Black Ops slip to its lowest position yet of fifth. FIFA 11 and Assassin's Creed Brotherhood both gain a place at Activision's expense, sitting at third and fourth respectively.

    Interestingly, the addition of Dead Space Extraction: Move to the PS3 bundle didn't quite manage to tip the sales of Dead Space 2 in the favour of Sony's machine - 56 per cent of sales were for Xbox 360, with 40 per cent on PS3 and the remaining 4 on PC.

    Leisure software charts compiled by Chart Track, (C)2010 UKIE Ltd.

    Last Week This Week Title
    New Entry 1 Dead Space 2
    1 2 LittleBigPlanet 2
    4 3 FIFA 11
    5 4 Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood
    2 5 Call of Duty: Black Ops
    3 6 Just Dance 2
    10 7 Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit
    6 8 Wii Fit Plus
    15 9 Art Academy
    11 10 Just Dance
    7 11 Mass Effect 2
    8 12 Kinect Sports
    12 13 The Sims 3
    9 14 Gran Tursimo 5
    16 15 Wii Party>
    13 16 Dance Central
    20 17 WWE: Smackdown Vs. RAW 2011
    17 18 Read Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare
    Re-Entry 19 EA Sports Active 2
    18 20 Wii Sports Resort

    http://www.gamesindustry.biz/article...op-of-uk-chart ...
    by Published on January 1st, 2011 16:21
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    I'm a dedicated tales fan. Really, I am. In all fairness, I have put that aside for now for this miniview.


    Now that thats out of the way, the 2005 addition to the Tales RPG series, Tales of the Abyss, is very much like Tales of Symphonia, from battle system to monsters. Through personal experience, I can safely say that I believe this game to have surpassed Tales of Symphonia, as awesome as it was. Aaaaannnnyway....

    In Tales of the Abyss, you are cast in the role of Luke fon Fabre, an heir to the throne of Kimlasca, one of two peaceful nations that exist in this world. Spoiled and arrogant, Luke is soon sent half across the world when trying to guard his master. The attacker, who happens to be his masters sister too gets sent with him. An adventure begins that will not only shape the futures of the two nations, but change the entire future of history itself.

    Graphics, for its time anyway, are nothing special. Slowdowns do occur at very rare instances, and for detail its about average for a game of its time. The real highlight to these are how believable the characters became, based on the small feature changes in their faces, and the slight movements of their bodies at the needed time. For its day, this was as close to lifelike as you might've gotten. Still, graphics work, but are nothing special.

    Voice acting is great. All the voice actors seem well placed in the game, with the exception of Sync and Ion, all the characters sound fine. Music is as it always has been for a Tales game...good. They even threw in a few hard rocks songs for fight scenes. Who would of though for an RPG, right? No.

    Gameplay mixes the best of the Tales genre has to offer, and some new, often useless ideas. For instance, the idea of combining Artes (special powers) with fonons (elemental forces) really makes some attacks really awesome. Sadly, if it doesn't tell you which element you attack is compatible with, how will you know? However, that is only a detail of the battle system. The FRLMS (Flex Range Linear Motion System, I think I got it right...) is the Tales series signature battle system. And like I've said before, its the best system for an RPG I've seen. I have no complaints. Its difficult to explain, but mix a bit of Kingdom Hearts, Phantasy Star Online, and a fighter game, and you've got it.

    For the presentation, they really help you to get to know the characters. Although there are mandatory cut-scenes (Like every RPG, obviously) with full voice acting, there are many, many, MANY optional cutscenes that you initiate by pressing "Select" when it gives you the options. These range from giving hints and tips as to what you ought to do next, to talking about one girls obsession of "cute" things. The storyline really is epic, and the animated cutscenes often give you a feeling of just how important your actions are in reference to the future of this world.

    And in the immortal words of the Spy...I never really was on your side. You'll know if you play it.

    Graphics: 3.5/5
    Perfectly fine for a Tales game. not so fine if your looking for something to blow you face off.

    Presentation: 4.5/5
    As always, a great tales storyline, except this one dwarfs Tales of the World by 100 fold. Menus are easily navigated, but the constant talk of fonons, and fonstones will more then likely confuse some.

    Gameplay: 4.5/5
    its great to be able to see your enemies on the overworld, hence being able to run from them, but they chase you FAST, Not as fast as Symphonia has them though. And the FRLMS only gets better and better.

    Sound: 4/5
    Voice acting is great. Pity that much of the good Tales music repeats itself for every battle. But then again, which RPG doesn't?

    Replay Value: 4/5
    Its an RPG. Enough said. It does have a few parts where you have to choose to go with one group or another, leading to a different experience. item gathering and the norm, but after you beat it....but don't expect to beat it in the first day. Or week. Or month. Its taken me at least 60 hours, and I haven't even beaten it yet.


    A great addition to the Tales series of RPGs. Improvements on good leads to great. Where Symphonia left off on features TotAbyss picked up. Though if your expecting an RPG where everyone is always nice and happy...heh heh.... ...
    by Published on January 1st, 2011 16:19
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    Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil
    Publisher: Namco
    Developer: Namco
    Genre: Action
    Players: 1

    Klonoa. Probably the most woefully underrated game series out there. Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil for the Sony PS2 went almost unnoticed on the greater scheme of PS2 gaming. Another reason why it may have not gained recognition is because it came out around the time of Sonic Adventure 2: Battle. Talk about bad timing, huh? In any case, the 3D platformer has gained the respect of most who've played it.

    Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil gameplay revolves mainly on its 3D set up as a platformer, with a few twists. As with all games in this genre, it is a side-scroller adventure with you fighting baddies along the way. Unlike most platformers, though, you don't simply run through each level hitting anything that moves along the way. You also must solve certain puzzles along the way with each level. These puzzles seem complicated when you first run into one. However, by the time you finish, you'll be smacking you head, thinking "Oh! It was so simple! Why didn't I think of that..." The game isn't all about puzzles, not at all. While there are many challenging puzzles there is also the classic smack-around-the-bad-guy feel to it, as you often use enemies to solve puzzles, among other things. The battle system is unusual and rather original. Not the effect of smashing bad guys, but the way you do it, and how they can never really be destroyed.

    Rather the a shooting, jumping, or smashing way of fighting, Klonoa 2 uses an original-classic pulley battle system. Pulley may not be a good word, but the idea remains the same, as you take in enemies into a special weapon, and use them to unlock puzzles, or smash them into other enemies, or use them to propel to new heights.

    The story is a classic "Save the world scenerio" with a couple of new and old ideas. You play as Klonoa, Namco's half-mascot, waking up into a different world, which leaves a lot of the WTF feeling in the air. They still use they're own language, much like in Animal Crossing, so even if you know Japanese you won't be able to understand what they're saying, despite the accent similarities. Woken up by a apprentice priestess and her dog, they instantly dub you the "dream traveller". You are almost tricked into helping the girl earn her priesthood, but all is well, as that was apparently neccesary for the plot. You learn that only the so-called "dream traveller and his sacred weapon" can save the land of Lunatea from a destructiv force. You embark on a journey along with the priestess and her human-like dog to ring the four bells to seal off the evil that will reveal itself in the King of Sorrow.

    Onto graphics. Unlike the first few Klonoa games, this game is rendered in full 3D, no sprites involved. The first Klonoa game rendered 2D objects in a 3D background. Klonoa 2 has what players called "awesome visuals" for its time. The cutscenes were among the best of the graphic moments, when the visuals were nicely mixed 2D-3D. The gameplay graphics weren't too far behind, making this game a for-its-time(not before) in that department. Posted is a screenshot of in-game play during a sentry boss-battle:

    The textures in that screenshot are smooth due to the circumstances, much of all boss battles run graphics in a much smoother fashion then during Vision gameplay(levels). Here are some screenshots of the natural side-scroller level play:

    The music track isn't one you'll be likely to hum to, but its definately one you won't hold your ears hoping for a bomb to come before the end of the track. For the type of game, its considered a nicely, well rounded soundtrack, that (I've never really noticed it during gameplay, but I've never really listened)will keep either a calm or rushed mood, depending on the levels circumstance. The OST was even demanded enough to be created and released a few months after the game being released.

    Well that was a bit to type. Rather enjoyable, I guess. Heres my rating on Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil for PS2 Sony Entertainment System.

    Replay Value 3/5 Not too much to be had in this department, once you beat the game its usually the same thing over unless you do some of the mini-quests. Replaying does give an oddly good feel compared to most games.
    Sound 4/5 They matched the scenario being played upon, thus making them a good style for-the-moment music, as well as sound
    Graphics 4.5/5 Not bad at all, not what I'd call a masterpiece but for its time it was a huge advance form the original 2D rendered on a 3D set.
    Gameplay 5/5 There isn't much more you could ask in a platformer. Klonoa 2 is almost what I'd call the absolute perfect platformer.

    If your looking for a platformer, there isn't much better choice then this game. It has everything from long eared cats to air pirates.

    This review is by Shadowblind for and at DCEmu, the Homebrew and Gaming Forum.
    by Published on January 1st, 2011 15:55
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    Article Preview

    NEXiLUX Retractable Wireless Mini Guitar (Wii/PS2)
    Manufacturer: NEXiLUX
    Site: Buy from Divineo France (Black) / Buy from Divineo France (White)
    Price: 49,90 €

    Overview : You take the stage! Guitar Hero and Rock Band games : All-In-One! Mini size with detachable neck. Easy to carry or store.

    • Fully compatible with PS2/PS3/Wii guitar hero and rockband
    • All-New touch sensitive neck slider can be nailing intense solos when playing Guitar Hero World Tour and also be five touch sensitive fret buttons when playing other editions of Guitar Hero and Rock Band
    • Retractable Guitar Neck is detachable from guitar body.
    • Convenient to carry around store.
    • Increased accuracy with more responsive fret buttons
    • Jam effortlessly with an elongated strum bar
    • Auto sleep mode helps improve battery life.

    Quality/Usability : It sucks having to lug around a 1 piece guitar if you're going to a friend or family members house so NEXiLUX has released a retractable mini guitar. The base guitar strum bar, whammy bar, 5-way switch (Rock Band only), thumb stick, directional pad, SELECT/minus (-) and START/plus (+) button. The back of the base holds the Wii Remote with remote cover and a compartment for 3 AAA batteries and the bottom has a switch for to select between Wii Guitar Hero (WII GH), OFF and PS2/PS3/ Wii Rock Band (PS3/PS2/WII RB). The retractable neck has 5 touch sensitive slider buttons and 5 fret buttons. Also included is a wireless receiver for PS3 and PS2 usage.

    Upon opening the package, I noticed that the Wii Remote cover had fallen out so I tried closing it and the latch broke off. It looked as if the PCB board inside was blocking the latch from clipping and it snapped off. This is probably a defect with the unit I received. I have not read or heard any other complaints about this.

    All the buttons felt sturdy as well as the retractable guitar as well. Since the Wii Remote is in the back and covered, you would use the thumbstick to move the hand cursor. However, the thumbstick doesnt act as the "A" button, so you would need to reach for the back of the guitar and press the "A" button.

    To play on Wii, simply connect Wii controller and turn on the Wii. To play PS2/PS3 Guitar Hero/Rock Band or Wii Rock Band, insert the receiver into one of the USB ports on the console. Turn the console ON. The receiver has four (4) BLUE game indicators located on the top and one (1) RED connection indicator located on the front of it. The red LED will illuminate indicating a proper connection has been made. If no connection has been made, the red LEDs will begin to flash indicating the receiver is searching for the Guitar controller.

    Press the "Game Selection" button on the front side of the receiver to select the game you are going to play. Push the game selection button once, the indicator will be lighted on different positions. Push one by one until the proper game indicator LED is on.

    Switch the guitar controller to the "PS3/PS2/WII RB" setting. The red LED will begin to flash indicating the guitar controller is searching for the receiver. Once the guitar controller and receiver have successfully synchronized, the LED on the guitar controller will turn off and the red connection indicators on the receiver will turn solid red.

    The Features list is from NEXiLUX and it states that the touch sensitive buttons can be used for other editions of Guitar Hero but I was not able to get it to work with Guitar Hero: Legends of Rock for the Wii. The touch sensitive buttons is a sliding bar for Guitar Hero World Tour or as solo buttons for Rock Band. You will need to extend the neck of the guitar to expose the 5 fret buttons.

    Conclusion : Overall, the NEXiLUX Retractable Wireless Mini Guitar (Wii/PS2) is a compact guitar but falls short. I may not be the best at Guitar Hero or Rock Band but comparing the scores between GH controllers that came with the game and NEXiLUX mini guitar, I did worse based on my scores. I was missing cords that I know I hit but seems to have a delayed response. The NEXiLUX comes with a drawstring pouch that holds the guitar for easy carrying and storage. Setup and connecting the guitar controller to console was fairly easy and with no problems.

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