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    by Published on January 1st, 2011 16:59
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    Published by: Nintendo
    Developed by: HAL Laboratory
    Genre: Action
    Number of Players: 1
    Price: $29.99


    OH NO! Kirby has been cursed! well, lets show everyone how we roll! in this amazing kirby game!

    Unlike the rest of the kirby games, here, you control kirby by drawing a path for him with your stylus, this takes some getting use to, but later on you will be able to fluently move him arround.

    You can tap kirby to make him attack and this will also absorb the power of anyone who has it, instead of sucking them in, he rolls faster.

    As always, you play as a ball of fat and air named kirby, except this time, you have been cursed, so now your arms and legs have been removed turning you into a perfectly circular sphere.

    Now that you are a sphere, you are trying to get revenge (and maybe your limbs too) but to do this, you must first go through a series of levels with bosses every three levels you complete; There are three different types of bosses, and you can choose which one to fight. (don't wanna spoil so I won't tell what they do)

    In each level there are three hidden medals you can collect to later spend away on extras from boring songs, to new playable characters!

    Gained some weight haven't we kirby?

    Even though the graphics are 2D, they look great, a game like this doesn't need 3D graphics, it is after all a side scroller. The backgrounds look colorful even when they are suppose to be dark, the characters are sprites, simple, but they fit in with the game's art style.

    Animations are not often seen, characters walk and explode, very simple, it seems as if they had $5 to make the animations you see in the game.

    This scene may have been scarry without the pink ball riding the rainbow.

    The game has fun and happy music for the most part, but it is mainly overshadowed by the sound effects, you really won't notice that it is there unless you listen for it.

    Replay Value:
    With unlockable characters and hidden medals, you will want to go back and play through some of the maps again (after you are done with a level, you can play it again at any time) it IS after all fun to play as a different ball of fat every now and then.

    Seriously, don't be fooled, at first you will find nothing extra to do, but it is all in the medals, collect medals = collect fun. and then off course if you beat the game there is a special extra feature added.

    It is too bad this game has no multiplayer, but it DOES have good ammount of content outside the main story mode,that is, after you beat the game.

    and even if it didn't have the extras, story mode alone is one great reason to get it.


    I give this game a:

    mah review survey
    by Published on January 1st, 2011 16:58
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    The World Ends With You Review by pas (for the I-touch4DS Compo):

    Platform: Nintendo DS
    Publisher: Square Enix
    Developer: Square Enix / Jupiter
    Genre: Touchscreen Beat ‘em up
    Players: 2

    Overview :
    The World Ends With You is a awesome, really stylish game that is a new approach to RPG’s by the RPG Masters themselves, Square Enix. It’s weird art style took the gaming world by storm, much like their last Masterpiece ages ago: Final Fantasy VII.

    But let’s begin at the start:

    Gameplay :
    The Game has quite a complex Gameplaysystem and Story, so I will have to split this part up into several segments.

    - Story:
    First of, to mention the story. You wake up as Neku Sakuraba in the wonderful (the pun was intended) city, shibuya. Slowly, your are realizing what is going on around you:
    You are part of a Game, a big game that takes off every year and decides players who need to participate. After realizing what’s going on you will find some kind of Pin that allows you to read peoples minds, but that isn’t all, this pin isn’t the only pin you will encounter, infact you will encounter A LOT of them, so stay tuned for a detailed explanation on that later in the review.

    You will also met several People, the first of them being a trendy teenager girl called “Shiki”. Together with your partners you will then fight numerous battles, do quests for driving forth the main storyline by defeating enemies (more on that later) and solving puzzles.

    Moving the Main Character from place to place (e.g. walking) is done by pointing the stylus into any direction of the touchscreen to have neku and companions follow it “Phantomhour-glass-style”.

    If your Character reaches the end of the screen you will either enter a new restrict or the Screen will scroll, allowing you to see new unseen places.

    - Battle-System:
    Now on to mention the most interesting part this game has to offer besides the deep (!) story and extensive question: the Battle-System.

    You can enter a battle at any time when standing around in Shibuya by pressing the Player Pin Button in the bottom right corner of the DS’s Touchscreen to reveal peoples thoughts and – in this case even more important – Noise swarming around them.

    If you tap one of those Noises you will automatically enter Battlemode which works like that:
    On the Top Screen you have your Partner and on the bottom, you – as neku. You will have the enemies on both screens and need to defeat them on both screens in order to be successful.
    Your partner is controlled by the d-pad while you yourself (neku…) are controlled with stylus movements, swipes etc. Different kind of attacks can be applied by equipping pins, those again can be earned by fighting and defeating enemies in chain battles (up to 4 or more battles right after each other with no health refill) or just buying them in stores and stuff like that. To round this up, the Battlesystem has a lot more to offer than mentioned above, so has the Game itself, various Minigames like Tin-Pin-Slammer (Beyblade-ripoff ?) and others keep you busy for quite some weeks, therefore this deserves the full score:

    Graphics :
    Like mentioned before, the Graphics in this game (including the cutscenes) are really stylish, and totally fitting the Game’s setting of the modern Japano City.

    This deserves extra points because it was done so well:

    Sound :
    One word: Earworm Danger
    Once you started playing this game and heard for example the song Deja-vu you won’t be able to get those little pieces of art out of your head so soon again, which is a good thing, and combined with the smashing count of 35 tracks deserves yet again 5/5 since it includes songs for everyone.

    Replay Value :
    This is the first department which is a bit tricky to handle. The game offers a lot, a extensive storyline with secrets to be unlocked (I don’t mean your regular secrets… the secrets in this game are special, but to find that out you have to play it yourself since I won’t spoil the fun), a very customizable Battle system and Characters, each with their own story. Still, this game can have quite some replay value if you want to take a look at every pin, see every secret and beat every enemy, but that is not enough to keep some players playing it, so this section will get a 4/5.

    Conclusion :
    It is nice to see Firms taking a different approaches on subjects, which in case of The World Ends With You / It’s a wonderful world was a full success and makes hope for more like this. I for one totally think Square Enix has gone into the right direction with this game and therefore deserves the full score and nothing less:

    Final Score:
    by Published on January 1st, 2011 16:23
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    Platform: DS
    Publisher: Nintendo
    Developer: Game Freak
    Genre: Adventure/Puzzle/Strategy
    Players: 1 - 4


    Pokemon Diamond (and Pearl) is another great addition to the Pokemon series, with new Pokemon, attacks, and areas in the whole new region. It''s not like any other Pokemon game out there.


    If you've played any Pokemon game before, you would know that you have to battle, catch, and raise Pokemon for your advantage, not to mention solve puzzles and do chores for people. You can even play some minigames along the way to becoming the greatest Pokemon trainer of all time. In Pokemon Diamond, this is all presented in a great way through the graphics, game layout, and the overall awesomeness of the game.


    The graphics of Pokemon Diamond (and Pearl) are pseudo-3D, meaning they seem 3D, but aren't really 3D. The Pokemon still have 2D sprites, but the rest is just plain amazing. The trees, rocks, hills, and even the NPCs look 3D, which adds to the cool factor of this game.


    This is probably one of my favorite aspects of Pokemon Diamond (and Pearl), seeing as the music is very stunning. Most of the music in Diamond (and Pearl) is calm, but some areas throughout the Sinnoh region have upbeat, energetic music to fit the mood. The music is just plain awesome, which is why I have some of the OST tracks on my iPod (no joke!).

    Replay Value:

    200 hours into the game, and the fact that I still enjoy it shows that Pokemon Diamond (and Pearl) has a great replay value. I spend my time trying to catch all the Pokemon I haven't caught, raising my low level Pokemon, and even going through Sinnoh battle trainers I haven't yet, or re-battling trainers using the Vs Seeker. No matter what Pokemon game you're playing, they never get old.


    Pokemon Diamond is the latest installment in the handheld adventure portion of the Pokemon series, and it is a great one. It's worth the $35 (or 30, I got it on launch, so I can't remember) USD, and with all of the great new features, it's a bargain. I actually hated Pokemon after the Gold/Silver/Crystal time period died down, but when I tried the Japanese version of Diamond my friend had, it was my 7 year old childhood all over again. I still play it, and I'm still trying to do everything that is possible to do in this game. I definitely recommend Pokemon Diamond (or Pearl).

    Overall Rating:

    by Published on January 1st, 2011 16:23
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    The world ends with who... me... not uh.... Really?

    Information about the game:
    The World Ends With you is a Single player Nintendo DS Role-Playing Game published by Square Enix and Developed by the Kingdom Hearts Team and Square Enix, Jupiter. Single player Game

    Plot Synopsis:
    You take on the role of Neku Sakuraba as he wakes up with little memory, to find he is a part of a mysterious game constructed by a group known as the Reapers.

    In this game, you are basically thrown into a strange world, with nothing left to do except fight. To beat the game, you have to survive all 7 days with your partner, Shiki Misaki, and do whatever it takes to not get"erased" (there form of getting killed). The Combat system in this game is very unique in the fact that you are controlling 2 characters at once (One character for each screen) And may seem to be overwhelming at first, but in time you seem to get used to it. On The top screen, you got a Dance Dance Revolution style game-play to attack, while on the bottom, you get to slash away "noise" (or enemies) with your stylus. Another interesting feature is the pin system. The pin system is where you collect all types of pins that give you diffrent types of attacks, but you can only have a certain amount working at once. I like the idea, and it is fun to collect all the pins. The Game seems to me like a more modern Kingdom Hearts on the edge. In this game it will cuss and the main character seems to be a little dark himself.

    Graphics in this game are a little So-So. Character design and just the art in the game is really well done, but when you control the character on the streets, it is VERY pixalated. The thing is, while in combat the game looks like a solid DS game. Nevertheless, Do not buy the game if you are looking for Crazy High-Def amazing graphics, cause you are not going to find it here.

    Sound: Well, other then the fact that the music is annoying Japanese songs that will play over and over and OVER again, Sound is good. The SFX are pretty superb in battle.

    Replay Value: On a bored weekend and I am craving RPG goodness, I will give it another play through. The game itself is addicting.

    Overall: The Game is fun, addicting and new, which will give RPG gamers a new look at what they have seen in RPG's so far. The new combat system makes the game unique by itself, if you guys don't count the Edgy-ness of the game unique too. Though Sound and graphics are sub-par, you will come to look over these things for a solid game with a great story and great gameplay. Despite the few problems in the game, I would say go ahead and buy it!

    Story 5/5
    Sound 3.5/5
    Graphics 3/5
    Gameplay 5/5

    by Published on January 1st, 2011 16:21
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    My current game of play has been CSI:Crime Scene Investigation (Dark Motives)....

    After thorough game playing I would personally give I high recommendation on this particular game.

    But I do suggest you have a complete read of the instruction manuel before playing, NOT A QUICK SCAN! or you will struggle to progress through the differant stages. I do beleive this game is good in the respect it is has a detailed and fuffiling feel to it, this is no cluedo! On the other hand there are the expected floors, some of the clues are so unobvious and hidden to the naked eye this can almost make certain areas impossible complete, I admit I had to search for a walkthrough to give me hints (not an easy task in it's self so I suggest contacting me if this is an issue). Once i realised all the differant areas of clue detction it was an enjoyable experience, this is why I suggest full manuel reading! There are high quality film sequences, large collection of tools and detection devices, locations and characters which add to that oh so wanted CSI TV SERIES FEEL! I think the game could of been slightly longer but considering the large amount of detail etc and it being a Nintendo Ds game it was satasfactory. This a trully wonderful game to keep going back to, for those of us who like snooping around and solving mysterys! ...
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