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    by Published on March 29th, 2011 14:59
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    The first snippet of Modern Warfare 3 gameplay may be with us next month, according to respected UK PlayStation magazine PSM3.

    According to the publication's latest issue, insider rumours say "the next in Activision's megaton FPS series will be announced in mid-April". No specific date is given.

    The prediction would fit snugly with Activision's CoD: Black Ops reveal from 2010, which snuck out on April 30 - as the publisher lifted the lid on the game's official website.

    Rumours from Official PlayStation Magazine UK suggest that Modern Warfare 3 may contain at least some sections linking back to the past of popular character Ghost.

    PSM3 adds: "Based on the ending of MW2, we'd be surprised if the story doesn't pick up with Soap and Price on the run, after they were set up by General Shepard."

    The game's sure to have some stiff competition if it comes out towards the end of the year as expected - not least from EA's Battlefield 3.

    Swedish creator DICE suggested last month that its competitors in the FPS space had been "treading water" with recent releases.

    Meanwhile, the May 2011 issue of PSM3 contains an exclusive, lengthy first look at Saints Row: The Third and an amazing 22-page shooter special.

    http://www.computerandvideogames.com...VG-General-RSS ...
    by Published on March 29th, 2011 00:25
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    News via http://www.nintendomax.com/viewtopic...d489ce5c7a4cd3

    huiminghao et minitroopa proposent the 0.46a version of " nesDS "émulateur Nes pour la Nintendo DS.

    NesDS v0.46a Changelog:
    mapper163 added..
    sound updated.
    MAX FILES enlarged.

    by Published on March 29th, 2011 00:23
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    News via http://www.nintendomax.com/viewtopic...d489ce5c7a4cd3

    XotoB offers version beta " EmuCenter2 "simplistic interface that combines the best emulators of console video games for greater simplicity, including the Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii, Game Boy Advance and Nintendo Gamecube.

    Version (Partial)
    - Fixed problem when adding a sleeve for a PC game renamed

    Version (Full)
    - Fixed a problem with the installer

    Version (Partial)
    - Not record the full path of the slide images
    - Do not resize the more pockets when setting in the options
    - Fixed minor bugs

    by Published on March 29th, 2011 00:22
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    News via http://www.nintendomax.com/viewtopic...d489ce5c7a4cd3

    BassAceGold proposes the release of its 2-3 and 2-5 alternating menu plugin for the linker only SuperCard DSTwo " BAGPlug .

    Notable features & Quick instructions:
    - (OPTIONAL) format sd card to fat16
    - Place _bagui folder on root of card
    - Copy DSTwo.nds and boot.ini to _dstwo folder on root of card
    -(OPTIONAL) Configure emulator support via arg files (See "Adding new file support:" below). Binary locations may need
    to be updated to their current path on your card.

    Skinning support:
    -png files, 8 bit, 16 bit, 24 bit and 32 bit bitmap files
    *NOTE* backgrounds must be 16 or 24 bit bmp so fast rendering can be used for a smoother browser
    -Windows and sub windows are just color codes defined via the skin.ini file. These color values are 16 bit colors, the included ColorConvert.exe program can be used for
    converting 24 bit RGB color values to 16 bit color values (PA_RGB in the program)

    Custom icons:
    -uses 32 x 32 bitmap files
    -must be named the same as the file with a .ico extention in the same directory eg OR they can be placed in a directory as defined in the current skin.ini under "Custom_Icon_Folder".
    BAGSFC.plg - the file you want to have a custom icon
    BAGSFC.ico - the icon file

    Game Covers
    - can be any size as long as it fits on screen
    - can be either png or bmp files
    - must be named exactly the same as the game file excluding the file extension
    -CoverArt.ini file must be present in game directory
    - ini file example:
    [Cover Art]
    #path to folder with covers
    folder = /_bagui/cover art/nds
    #image type
    type = png

    Media Player:
    -Mp3, Ogg, Wav supported.
    -All songs in current directory as the current song being played are automatically queued for automatic track changes
    -Music player can be backgrounded (Press X or the backgrounding icon) for file browsing while listening to tunes

    Settings menu:
    -Allows to instantly swap skins with no rebooting
    -Contains settings for various display options (show all file types, show file extensions, hide folders, open last folder, enable or disable short names in the favorites menu)
    *NOTE* Hidden folders are defined by the first character in the folder name. folder_hide_val in the settings.ini can be changed to reflect which character to use.
    Default is the underscore ( _ ) character to denote hidden folders

    Supported File formats:
    -Standard supported files include PLG, NDS (homebrew and commercial via EOS 1.11), SNES file formats (including zip archives), Mp3, Wav, Ogg.
    -New file formats can be added via arg files (in /_bagui/ext folder) for programs which can accept boot args

    -File formats can be set to open in multiple different programs
    --eg: a zip file can contain a snes rom or a gba rom, a pop up will come up and ask which program to launch said file in. This program list can be edited in the arg files for the specified file type

    Adding new file support:
    Programs that support launch arguements can be used open specific files selected within BAGplug. For example an emulator such as nesDS which can open .nes files.

    *Example setup using nesDS*
    First, a .arg file must be created in /_bagui/ext/ which will contain the instructions for launching .nes files within the menu.
    The name format of .arg files is quite simply the extension of the file format to support with a .arg extension. In this case, the file will be called "nes.arg".

    Format of .arg files

    nesDS://Title of the program
    "/ _bagui / NesDS / nesDS.nds" / / file path to the program binary
    [$PRGMPATH$,$FILEPATH$]//launch arguments

    - $PRGRMPATH$ will pass on the file location of the launched program to the program itself, this is standard.
    - $FILEPATH$ will pass on the rom location from the menu to the program, this is what is needed for the program to load the correct file.
    - There are no limits as to how many arguements to pass on to a program however the program will only take what it needs.
    - Order of args may vary depending on programs, so be sure to watch out for that

    More than one program can be added to a .arg file. When the file is launched, the open with dialog will open allowing you to choose which program to use. See smc.arg for an example

    Favorites menu:
    -Any supported file type can be linked in this menu (snes roms, zip files, nds roms, image files, ogg and wav files, etc)
    -Favorites list is just a text file containing file paths to all the files you want to save for quick launching
    -Can add files to the favorites list via the normal browser, or remove files within the favorites menu (select button)

    -Pressing /select/ on a file or folder brings up the file operations menu where you can selected an option
    -Files will be pasted in the current directory you are browsing regardless of what is high-lighted

    -All menu have some sort of pad and stylus input
    -if L and R buttons are pressed, you can take a screenshot of the both screens

    Change log:
    Release 2 - 3
    -fixed freezing when accessing an empty favorites list
    -favorites menu now ignores blank lines in the favorites.txt
    -fixed glitch with music playing and the file options menu
    -fixed issue with internal nds names while listening to music
    -fixed a bug where the stylus couldn't select bottom half of files in
    by Published on March 29th, 2011 00:15
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    News via http://www.nintendomax.com/viewtopic...d489ce5c7a4cd3

    Ant512 offers version 1.1 of " Woopsi "GUI library for creating homebrew for the Nintendo DS on the model window of the Amiga OS .

    Woopsi 1.1 is now available:

    The majority of fixes and enhancements this time around centre on the WoopsiString class. It now has a few more operator overloads and additional functions such as format(), split() and indexOf(). The full changelog is as follows:

    - Slider arrow buttons work correctly.
    - WoopsiString::compareTo() returns s8 instead of s32.
    - WoopsiString::compareTo() sorts Chinese text correctly (carpfish).
    - ProgressBar at 100% completion no longer overflows the printout char array (carpfish).
    - FileListBox handles paths with unicode names correctly (carpfish).
    - Removed Debug::wvsnprintf().
    - Debug:utput() receives a WoopsiString reference instead of a char pointer.
    - Debug:rintf() uses WoopsiString::format() instead of vsnprintf().
    - WoopsiString::subString() returns a WoopsiString instead of a pointer to a WoopsiString.
    - Install batch file works correctly with latest directory structure.

    New Features:
    - Added StringIterator::getInteger() (carpfish).
    - WoopsiString::compareTo() implements a simplistic natural sort (carpfish).
    - Added WoopsiString::indexOf(const char* text) (carpfish).
    - Added WoopsiString::indexOf(const char* text, s32 startIndex) (carpfish).
    - Added WoopsiString::indexOf(const WoopsiString& string, s32 startIndex, s32 count) (carpfish).
    - Added WoopsiString::lastIndexOf(const char* text) (carpfish).
    - Added WoopsiString::lastIndexOf(const char* text, s32 startIndex) (carpfish).
    - Added WoopsiString::lastIndexOf(const WoopsiString& string, s32 startIndex, s32 count) (carpfish).
    - Added WoopsiString + operator overload (carpfish).
    - Added WoopsiString += operator overload (carpfish).
    - Added WoopsiString == operator overload (carpfish).
    - Added WoopsiString != operator overload (carpfish).
    - Added WoopsiString::format() (carpfish).
    - Added WoopsiString::init() and moved repeated code out of constructors.
    - Added case sensitive switch to WoopsiString::compareTo() (carpfish).
    - Added WoopsiString::replace() (carpfish).
    - Added WoopsiString constructor to create a new string from a substring of another.
    - Added WoopsiString::split() (carpfish).
    - Added WoopsiString::setText() overload to set to a copy of a substring.
    Source: forum.gbadev.org
    Site Officiel : woopsi.org
    by Published on March 28th, 2011 19:38
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    Article Preview

    Side-scrolling SNES scrapper Brawl Brothers headlines this week's slim batch of Nintendo downloads.
    First released back in 1992 as a sequel to Jaleco's Final Fight-esque Rival Turf, it's up for reappraisal this Friday on Virtual Console for 800 Points. The pack shot below should tell you everything you need to know.
    Competition for your pennies comes from GO Series: Captain Sub on DSiWare, priced at 200 Points. Apparently you'll be searching the ocean for lost treasure whilst fighting off sea creatures with torpedoes. Greenpeace will love that.
    The only other offering this week is a free WiiWare demo for Breakout/footie mash-up Soccer Bashi.

    by Published on March 28th, 2011 19:28
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    Nintendo director of PR Mark Franklin has told press that his company has no problem working with small developers, as long as the content is of a sufficiently high standard.
    Speaking to Gamasutra, Franklin made clear that the platform holder has nothing against independents, and has had positive experiences in the past.
    "Nintendo always appreciates good quality content regardless of whether that's coming from an indie developer or a more established publisher," said Franklin.
    "For example, we've worked with 2D Boy, the people behind World of Goo for WiiWare. This is a group of guys who don't even have an office. So we embrace that kind of independent spirit and it's ultimately the most innovative content that will rise to the top."
    His comments seem to be intended to take some of the sting out of Reggie Fils-Aime's recent statementwhich said that Nintendo were not looking to do business with 'gargage developers', itself seen as an extension of Satoru Iwata's GDC keynote expressing concern about a flood of free or low-priced mobile and social titles.

    by Published on March 28th, 2011 19:25
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    The launch of the 3DS appears to have had relatively little impact on the UK multiformat chart, with the highest ranked 3DS-only title being Capcom's Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition at number four.
    The number one position was taken by first person shooter Crysis 2 from publisher Electronic Arts and developer Crytek. 58 per cent of game sales were on the Xbox 360, with the PlayStation 3 accounting for 28 per cent. Despite the original being a PC-only product the sequel saw only 14 per cent of sales on home computers - although this does not include digital downloads.
    In what was the busiest week for new releases so far this year the second highest new entry was Lego Star Wars III, based on the CGI cartoon The Clone Wars. Released on every major format, 33 per cent of sales were on the Xbox 360, followed by 21 per cent on the PlayStation 3, 20 per cent on the Wii and 14 per cent on the 3DS.
    With last week's number one Homefront at number three that meant that the best performing 3DS-only game was Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition. In the individual format charts the 3DS performance is even less impressive, with Street Fighter, as the best-selling 3DS SKU, appearing only at number six.
    Judging by the muliformat chart alone the impact of the 3DS appears relatively minimal, with only two other 3DS titles in the top 10 - Pilotwings Resort at number six and Ubisoft's Rayman 3D at number nine. The latter beaten by PC-only title The Sims: Medieval.
    The pattern of sales for the 3DS is not dissimilar to the recent Japanese launch of the system, where the highest ranking for a 3DS title in the country's individual format chart remains a number three placing for Professor Layton and the Mask of Miracle (which it currently still occupies for the third week in a row).
    The other biggest sellers for the 3DS include Sega's Super Monkey Ball 3D at number 14 and Namco Bandai's Ridge Racer at 15, with new 3DS versions of The Sims 3 and Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 causing those titles to re-enter the muliformat top 20.

    http://www.gamesindustry.biz/article...-of-3ds-titles ...
    by Published on March 28th, 2011 19:22
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    The 3DS remains the best-selling hardware format in Japan for the fourth week running, although the ongoing impact of the earthquake disaster may have made availably of all consoles increasingly unreliable.
    3DS sales fell by a third from the previous week, to 61,394. As a result the format now appears to have almost no chance of fulfilling Nintendo's predictions of 1.5 million sales before the end of the March.
    Although this might be seen as disappointing in the context of the console's recent launch it is unclear to what degree sales are being affected by the earthquake disaster - both logistically and otherwise.
    The PSP is definitely reported to be supply-constrained, with sales nearly halving to just 23,511 units this week (including 600 for the PSPgo).
    As a result the PlayStation 3 became the second best-selling console of the week, although its own sales also fell, from 32,406 the previous week to just 26,623.
    Nintendo's other two formats saw small rises from the previous week, with the Nintendo DS family enjoying an increase of over 1000 units to 14,590 (DSi XL: 7,452, DSi: 6,513, DS Lite: 625).
    Wii sales were static at 9724, as was the Xbox 360 on 1619. PlayStation 2 sales saw a small rise to 1638, beating Microsoft's home console for the first time in several weeks.

    by Published on March 28th, 2011 15:29
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    Article Preview

    XCM has just announced an update to their XCM Multi-Charger that we reviewed. The new update is called XCM Multi-Charger Plus. Not only will it charge 4 USB devices like its predecessor, but it will now charge PlayStation 3 MOVE and Navigation controllers (2 sets).

    XCM Multi-Charger Plus can be used on the following:
    • PS3™ Move and Navigation controllers (2 sets)
    • PS3™ DualShock and Sixaxis controllers
    • PSP™ series (1000-3000 series and PSP™ Go)
    • iPhone™ series (iPhone 2G, 3G, 3GS and 4)
    • iPad™ series (iPad™ and iPad 2™)
    • NDS™ series (DS, DS Lite, DSi and 3DS)
    • Xbox 360™ controllers
    • and all devices that supports a 5v USB input such as Android devices (phones/tablets), Blackberry™, iPod™, mobile devices, MP3 players and many more!

    We loved the original Multi-Charger since it came in handy at times it was needed. It definitely helped eliminate multiple chargers plugged into wall outlet or surge protectors. We can not wait to review the new XCM Multi-Charger Plus. Hopefully they extended the power cable since this was our only complaint about the XCM Multi-Charger.

    No word on pricing or release date but it should be available within the next month or so. We'll post more when we have more information available. ...