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  • February 14th, 2012

    by Published on February 14th, 2012 23:23
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    Mario-themed decorations for camera app sold at 81p

    Nintendo has priced its first wave of downloadable content for its 3DS handheld at under £1.
    The 3DS photo edit app, called Tobidasu Print Club Kiradeco Revolution, can now include a set of custom picture decoration tools if bought online for ¥100 (81p).

    Last year, Nintendo chief Satoru Iwata warned developers that the high quantity of low-priced content – specifically on mobile games platforms – puts the value of games at risk.
    But the Tokyo headquartered company is now keen to make its digital platforms more appealing to both customers and developers.

    by Published on February 14th, 2012 23:20
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    Shares in world's most valuable company surpass $500

    Entertainment giant Apple is edging closer to an unprecedented $500 billion valuation as its shares breach the $500 dollar mark for the first time.
    Apple stock is currently trading at $503 at the time of going to press, marking the first time the company has surpassed the half-thousand-dollar threshold. As of Monday its valuation was calculated at $469 billion.

    Five years ago Apple was trading at $53 dollars per share, but the trailblazing success of the iPad, iPhone Mac, iPod and App Store has rocketed shares skywards.
    The company, now valued the biggest in the world, is worth more than Google, Goldman Sachs, General Motors, Ford, Starbucks and Boeing combined.
    Strong increases in iPhone, iPad and Mac sales helped Apple generate record sales and profit for the final three months of 2011.
    The show-stopping success comes amid rumours that Apple will reveal its next device, the iPad 3, at a San Francisco press conference in March.

    by Published on February 14th, 2012 23:17
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    2. Playstation Vita News

    There's no wrong price point, says Sony studio boss

    President of SCE Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida is confident that consumers will happily pay full price for Vita games.
    Titles for the new handheld vary in price - both digitally and at retail. Games are available from£4.79 for downloadable titles like MotorStorm RC, to £19.99 for mid-range games such as Ridge Racer, to £44.99 for Uncharted: Golden Abyss and other triple-A titles.

    But Yoshida claims that, despite the rise of 69p apps for iPhone, iPad and other portable devices, gamers will still pay full price for Vita games if they are of high enough quality.
    "We have a theory that if we create really compelling, engaging experiences that you can spend hours with, you’ll see the value of spending 40 dolars against one dollar," he told VentureBeat.
    "Gamers love all kinds of games. I totally understand people who like games like Angry Birds, but if you’re a gamer, you’re also interested in trying different kinds of experiences, bigger games.

    by Published on February 14th, 2012 23:12
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    4. Apple iPhone

    A new survey has revealed the top ten most memorable logos voted for by UK start-ups and small business owners. Unsurprisingly, Apple takes the crown.
    Small Business Logos polled businesses online to find out what makes well-known logos effective. It was also hoping to uncover trends and tips to help businesses when it comes to creating their own logos.
    Participants were able to select from a range of well-known and iconic brands across a variety of sectors such as technology, retail, business products and services, consumers brands and more.

    And the winners, along with a bit of analysis from Small Business Logos, are:

    Apple: Clean, modern and extremely easy to reproduce

    BBC: Simple, memorable and works well on TV, online and in-print

    Nike: Suggestive of movement, ideal for a sports brand, and works well on the side of a trainer

    Amazon: Embodying the company’s philosophy: everything from A to Z, delivered with a smile

    Google: Strong primary colours, enhanced by ‘Google doodles’

    London Underground: The capital’s most instantly recognised logo, the shape recalling the tube’s tunnels

    UPS: Brown is symbolic of parcel paper, with the shield suggesting security

    American Express: Squares and block lettering indicate strength and trust

    Sky: A versatile logo that supports brand extension: SkyNews, SkyHD, SkyMovies etc

    HSBC: The only logo in the top ten to use a very traditional serif font, more commonly associated with business and finance, suggesting authority

    Lucy Smith, marketing and e-commerce director for Small Business Logos, said: “Logos are a crucial part of a business’ identity, and, as our winners prove, over time they become important entities in their own right, instantly conjuring up the values and key messages of a particular brand.

    “We’ve taken a close look at what made our top ten to help businesses make informed choices when it comes to their own branding. Simplicity and the ability to reproduce in a range of different sizes, media and on products, is key. Think about how colour, symbols and shapes might represent what you do or the sector you operate in – Apple’s silver is widely associated with technology. If you have a growth plan factor this in to your thinking when briefing the initial logo; consider how versatile it is if your business develops?

    “Creating a strong, memorable logo can really enhance the success of your business. Use the clues provided by the UK’s market leaders to make your company’s branding relevant, clear and on-target. And if I can give you one piece of advice, keep it simple.”

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