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  • July 20th, 2012

    by Published on July 20th, 2012 01:39
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    QuakeCon 2012 kicks off August 2 in Dallas, Texas, and details about its sweet gaming offerings are coming in. First, the Quake Live tournament will see professional and amateur players compete for a share of $30,000 in the Duel Invitational Masters Championship, Capture the Flag Open, Duel Open and Free For All, the last of which will be available to attendees at the Quake LiveFree Play booth.

    Registration for the Quake Live tournament is open now through July 31 on theQuakecon site.

    The annual keynote address will be handled by id Software co-founder John Carmack. The full panel lineup is set to be announced in a few days, but it will include "Marty Stratton from id Software; Ted Price, President and CEO of Insomniac Games; Chet Faliszek and Tom Leonard from Valve Software; and Geoff Keighley, host of Spike's GameTrailers."

    Minecraft EDU and PVP will also have a presence at QuakeCon. At Bethesda's own booth, QuakeCon attendees can get their hands on both Dishonored andDoom 3 BFG Edition.

    by Published on July 20th, 2012 01:37
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    Saints Row: The Third is a great game and for the rest of the day the downloadable PC version is only $10 on Amazon. Think fast if beating someone with a giant purple phallus is worth the entrance fee, because this deal will end at midnight Pacific time (Spoiler: it's totally worth it in every way conceivable).

    If you find $10 too little to pay for so much game, there's plenty of DLC to purchase. Let your freak flag fly as a giant wiener! If you took that last line to mean something else than dressing up as a hot dog, we'd understand the potential confusion given the subject at hand.

    THQ announced late last month its Saints Row: The Third standalone expansion, Enter the Dominatrix, intended for September, will now be incorporated into "The Next Great Sequel in the Saints Row Franchise" next year.

    by Published on July 20th, 2012 01:36
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    Wizorb is officially spreading to up to three more platforms next week in North America. Beatshapers has ported Tribute Games' RPG-style Breakout game to PlayStation Minis, allowing users to play it on PS3 and PSP, and, as Beatshapers says, "eventually on your PS Vita" – because of the vagaries of the Vita's PSP backward compatibility, it's difficult to tell if it will run on Vita, or if not, when.

    By breaking bricks and defeating monsters, you can help save the kingdom of Gorudo – both by, you know, defeating the monsters, and by collecting money to rebuild the destroyed homes and businesses in its towns.
    by Published on July 20th, 2012 01:33
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    2. Xbox 360 News

    Total revenues were up in Q4 and the full year



    Microsoft has just announced its fourth quarter and full-year fiscal results for the period ended on June 30, and the numbers showed some positive sales growth for the Entertainment and Devices division, which houses the Xbox business. For the fourth quarter, sales grew by 20 percent, totaling $1.78 billion and for the year, revenues climbed from $8.92 billion to $9.59 billion.
    While sales were up, profits were actually down for both the fourth quarter and the fiscal year. Q4 saw a net loss of $263 million (as compared with a net income of $11 million a year earlier). On the bright side, the full year finished in the black with total income of $364 million (down from $1.26 billion a year ago).
    Microsoft attributed much of its revenue gains in Q4 to the addition of Skype. Xbox Live membership also grew by 15 percent, the company said. 1.1 million Xbox 360 consoles were shipped during the fourth quarter, down from 1.7 million during the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2011. "Even in the soft console market, Xbox 360 maintained its market share leadership position in the US," Microsoft boasted.
    Overall, Microsoft had another record fourth quarter for revenue, hitting $18.06 billion. "We delivered record fourth quarter and annual revenue, and we're fast approaching the most exciting launch season in Microsoft history," said Steve Ballmer, chief executive officer of Microsoft. "Over the coming year, we'll release the next versions of Windows, Office, Windows Server, Windows Phone, and many other products and services that will drive our business forward and provide unprecedented opportunity
    to our customers and partners."


    by Published on July 20th, 2012 01:25
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    Microsoft launched the Xbox 360 during holiday 2005. The industry is fast approaching seven full years of current generation gaming - an unthinkable number for many game industry executives pining for a new round of hardware to spark the marketplace and enable new intellectual properties to flourish. In fact, a recent conversation between analyst Michael Pachter and EA CEO John Riccitiello indicated that the publishing executive had been anticipating new consoles to hit the market as much as two years ago, and this extended console cycle is partly to blame for EA's stock price woes.
    Moreover, tech experts like Square Enix's Julien Merceron have gone on record with GamesIndustry International to note that this generation "has been way too long." He called out Microsoft and Sony for dragging the console cycle into its eigth year as the "biggest mistake they ever made." Merceron believes that many developers who had been waiting for next-gen hardware jumped ship to other platforms, particularly digital ones like iOS, Android, Facebook and Steam, and those game designers may never return to consoles.
    So is Merceron right? Have Sony and Microsoft fumbled the ball, or is this actually one of the better things to have happened to the games industry in a long time? GamesIndustry International's global editorial team weighs in.
    Rachel Weber
    Has this cycle been too long? Look at it is this way, the PlayStation 3 came out in November 2006, about the time Mel Gibson's Apocalypto was released. It was so long ago that man still had a serious career. More relevantly, it was three years later before FarmVille even launched, more than 6 months before anyone even had an iPhone.
    The world has changed, and our industry has changed, but the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 (which let's not forget is even older) have stayed pretty much the same. Big dusty boxes designed for playing triple-A titles really well, and sort of muddling through when it comes to everything else.

    Whole new business models have been conceived, carried and shot out into the birthing pool while Sony and Microsoft have eyed each other (and their accounts) carefully and decided to hold of on a new console for just one more year. Sure, they're working on them in some lab in the secret bunker, and unnamed developers, right now, have games in the works, but still they're holding off.
    Maybe they think they can't afford to act, but the truth is they can't afford not to. A new console launch would bring back some love to the brands, allow them to open up to the new business models like free-to-play, and reinvigorate the market and the developers and publishers to create new games, and new franchises. Activision is set to release its eighth Call Of Duty title for this generation; don't tell me those dev teams aren't so desperate for a new machine to play with that they're self harming in the lunch hall.
    Ben Strauss
    I look at this with a bit of imprudence in that I have more games on this platform than I have ever had with any other. The Xbox 360 and the PS3 (I am ignoring the Wii to an extent without forgetting the fantastic first-party stuff and games like Okami) have brought us some games that I will never forget; Assassin's Creed, Mass Effect, Fallout 3 and New Vegas, Ace Combat and Red Dead Redemption remain in my gaming portfolio. Heck, I still own a PS3 that has Backwards Compatibility for my SOCOM and Ace Combat titles for the PS2.
    "Sony and Microsoft's argument is they've turned their consoles into entertainment hubs, but I'm pretty sure I can order a Smart Fridge with Netflix streaming now"
    Matt Martin

    Sure, most of these games will run on PC and they'll be playable for a good long while, but even with the noticeable tech differences (go play Mass Effect 1 again then pop in Mass Effect 3, you'll see), these games are substantial. This generation really made gaming a common thing for many, many people. I believe we should break past the uncanny valley, and I believe graphics have to improve only slightly...it is more on the tech side of creating less choppy character modeling and framerate issues. The hardware needs to change, yes, that's definitely something that has to happen.
    Honestly though, we see a lack of new IP, we see a lot of struggling from all the major players in the industry. A new console line-up could definitely pump some blood into the industry, but just how effective is it going to be? I am very, very hesitant on what the future holds for gaming. I see more F2P, I see more mobile, but most of all I see more platform-agnostic games coming out. A new console cycle? Yes, but with caveats. We have to do more to push platform-agnostic titles and overall social connectivity between games.
    Matt Martin
    I stopped playing games on my PlayStation 3 about 18 months ago and my Xbox 360 hasn't had much love this year apart from flings with Trials Evolution and Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD. The truth is I've lost interest in console games this generation. I'm playing on my iPad, I broke out the PSone recently, gave the Vita a second chance and even dabbled in PC gaming. I'm looking for kicks anywhere I can find them.

    Sony and Microsoft's argument is they've turned their consoles into entertainment hubs, but I'm pretty ...
    by Published on July 20th, 2012 01:22
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    2. Playstation Vita News

    Sony's Gamescom conference will take place on August 14th at 7PM local time (6pm our time).
    The event will take place at Staatenhaus am Rheinpark in Cologne.
    Sony tends to make big announcements at Gamescom. Previously, major games and hardware revisions have been announced at the show. Insiders suggest this year's event will have a big Vita focus.
    Gamescom kicks off with a business day on August 15th, before opening to consumers. The event runs until August 19th.

    by Published on July 20th, 2012 01:21
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    AskAboutGames.com, a website designed to educate parents and families about video games, is online once more.
    The site has been relaunched by trade body UKIE to coincide with PEGI's debut as a legally enforceable ratings system, which is due to occur on Monday, July 30th.
    It will feature information on parent controls, age ratings and how families can ensure their children are playing video games safely.
    The site will be edited by Andy Robertson of Family Gamer TV and Wired's Geek Dad. It will support UKIE's wider Control.Collaborate.Create campaign to raise awareness of PEGI.
    "We're really pleased to have relaunched the askaboutgames website as a place where everyone, especially parents and carers of children can find out more about how to get the best out of game playing," said UKIE CEO Dr Jo Twist.
    "Games are a great way for families to get together and playing them can have so many benefits. But we know that parents have questions about what types of games their children should be playing, understanding how to have the conversation with their children about certain content, and how they should be enjoying games – askaboutgames.com gives them the answers."

    by Published on July 20th, 2012 01:20
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    Konami announced today that the first playable demo of PES 2013 will be available on July 25th.
    The first demo will showcase new key features and lets gamers play with eight fully licensed teams.
    Available teams include England, Germany, Portugal, and Italy for European football and Santos FC, SC International, Fluminense and Flamengo available in the Copa Libertadores mode.
    Konami said: “PES 2013 marks a huge advance for the popular football simulation, with the new game offering PES FullControl wherein players are given total control over every pass, shot and even first touches to the ball.
    “Similarly, Pro-Active AI ensures that players move as they should both on and off the ball, creating a truly authentic big match experience. The Player ID system then enhances the feeling of individuality, with players that not only look and move like their real life counterparts, but also play just like them.”
    PES 2013 is due out later this year.

    by Published on July 20th, 2012 01:19
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    Redmond's console gaming network may not have suffered a breach of security comparable to last year's PSN fumble, but that doesn't mean it hasn't braced for impact. According to Xbox Live General Manager Alex Garden, Microsoft has made great strides in account security by taking legal action against sites who share phished usernames and passwords, enacting two-step login verification for untrusted devices and pushing fresh security updates to devices. Even so, Garden says that many of Xbox Live's account protection measures rely on member profiles being up to date, and heartily encourages users to make sure their security information is accurate. Get the word directly from the horses mouth at the source link below.

    by Published on July 20th, 2012 01:17
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    After all the excitement from the Yves Behar-designed OUYA console's massive Kickstarter campaignfades away, like every other console it will be judged on the quality of its games we finally have the name of one. Robotoki president Robert Bowling -- best known as @fourzerotwo on Twitter and formerly as a producer from Infinity Ward for the Call of Duty series -- has announced plans to bring an "episodic prequel" to the company's first game Human Element exclusively to OUYA. While not much is known about Human Element yet other than that it's a survival game set in a zombie apocalypse scheduled for release in 2015, although Bowling is promising OUYA backers will get exclusive access to updates during development. He can also be counted among that group, cheerfully noting in a video along with the announcement that he's contributed $10,000 to the cause. That's one project on the list -- any bets on which developer will be next to hitch their game to the bandwagon?
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