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  • March 8th, 2018

    by Published on March 9th, 2018 13:16
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    2. Playstation Vita News

    The Flow is the god of the PSVita Hacking scene and with that it looks like HENkaku/taiHEN (with Ensō) for PlayStation Vita v3.65 will soon be here, heres the info:

    The PlayStation Vita Scene is finally moving forward from the v3.60 standard, but sadly you can't yet install it directly on newer firmwares.
    What do we know right now and what will get get?

    A couple of hours ago, TheFlow told us that he was able to find the offsets to run HENkaku Ensō on firmware 3.65 thanks to @Mathieulh’s devkit. After finding the offsets, TheFlow took a leap of faith and ran the Ensō code on his PSTV which fortunately, booted up into firmware 3.65 with HENkaku enabled!

    This means that TheFlow has successfully ported Ensō to firmware 3.65 and you’ll be able to enjoy games that require firmware 3.61-3.65 (not the 3.67) pretty soon IF YOU HAVE A PSVITA CURRENTLY RUNNING FW 3.60.

    As TheFlow decided not to release the actual exploit chain, presumably so that Sony can’t patch it for higher FWs, this hack will work like some earlier PSP CFWs in which some firmware modules are written before reboot. As a result of this, you won’t be able to hack consoles that are currently running FW 3.61-3.65 just yet.

    TheFlow has also cautioned against reinstalling the 3.65 PUP (firmware file) or erasing HENkaku when using this hack. Both these things can’t be done by accident through normal usage so regular users will be safe.

    What should I do and not do?

    Right now, this is what you should or shouldn’t be doing:

    • If you’re on firmware 3.60, don’t update to firmware 3.65 (or 3.61-3.67 for that matter)
    • If you’re on firmware 3.61-3.65, don’t update further. The lower the firmware, the better your chances of getting a hack are.
    • If you’re on firmware 3.60, stay there. Lower firmwares should preferably be updated to FW 3.60 via the DNS method if you want to hack your device.

    Right now, all you can do is wait a little. TheFlow has promised a release by the end of March and is already accepting bubble designs for the CFW updater bubble he’ll be releasing for FW 3.60 soon.

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    by Published on March 9th, 2018 13:05
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    2. Nes News
    Article Preview

    Now this is different, a Nes Emulator that Runs in 3D, awesome news:

    3DNes V2 has been released with many new features and improvements, as you can see listed in the 'changelog' below, and incase you never heard of playing NES ROM's in 3D, check it out!
    3DNes Overview

    • Play NES games with an unique 3D experience
    • Support any display resolution - window mode or full screen
    • Support game speed adjustment
    • Support Save/Load states
    • Support zipped roms
    • Create your own 3D interpretation.
    • Share/Get 3D customizations at the 3DN Repository
    • Play with Virtual Reality Headsets Via Oculus or SteamVR - Pro Feature
    • Retina Rendering Mode - Pro Feature
    • Character Tracking Camera - Pro Feature

    Change Log

    • [Improvement][Pro] Virtual Reality Re-Implementation: positional tracking, short view distance -> you will truly feel the depth of everything
    • [New Feature][Pro] Retina Video Rendering Mode
    • [Improvement][Pro] Camera Tracking Mode
    • [New Feature] Light Direction And Intensity Customization
    • [New Feature] Shape Customization Properties: Offset, Rotation, Scale, Layer (5 layers), Geo (5 types), Transparency ...
    • [New Feature] Shape Animation and Deformation
    • [New Feature] Multi Instance : one 2D shape can be mapped to multi 3D sub-shapes
    • [New Feature] Texture Editor : Custom Texture is a must for sub-shapes to be any useful.
    • [New Feature] Scripting: the almighty tool to make the very final adjustment of shape properties before rendering
    • [New Feature] 3DN File Size Mass Reduction
    • [Improvement] Sound Emulation And Rendering Improved
    • [Improvement] Video Rendering Performance Optimized
    • [Modification] Trinus Plugin Removed
    • [Bad News][Backward Compatibility Breaking] V2 are not compatible with 3DN V1 files

    MORE INFO - OFFICIAL SITE: --> https://geod.itch.io/3dnes/devlog/26...nes-v2-release

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    by Published on March 9th, 2018 13:02
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    2. PS3 News

    Those of you with Superslim versions of the PS3 are going to like this news, basically the PS3Xploit is coming to you, heres the details from Eurasia:

    The upcoming version 3 of the PS3Xploit has support for PS3 SuperSlim, in other words all consoles previously not supported by custom firmware (CFW) are covered. As you can imagine this is a pretty big deal, lots of PS3 users are waiting with high expectations, and what does that usually lead to? Leaks and drama... Anyway, as it turns out the leaked version is incomplete and buggy, also has the potential to brick consoles, so skip that one and wait for the final public release due in a few days. If you want more information, check Team PS3Xploit's warning over at psx-place.com. Sorry for the late post, but at least I kept my promise of not leaking the news prematurely. How about that? A hacker with integrity."

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    by Published on March 9th, 2018 12:59
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    2. PS4

    Multiman is the killer app for the PS3 which binds everything together, now its being worked on for the PS4, which means for me, no updating the PS4 beyond the firmware i have at the moment which is 5.05 which is currently not hackable, heres the news regarding Multiman:

    This is some exciting PS4 Homebrew News, arguably one of the top PS3 homebrew "multiMAN by developer deank" looks to be making an appearance on the PS4 soon. While the developer behind the project none other then deank himself does state it will be different experiance then the PS3's version. Deank, who brought us PS3 multiMAN (App), webMAN / S-MAN (Plugins) as just a few of the projects the developer developed on the previous generation (among many other scene contributions), looks to join in on the PS4 with his recent purchase of a 4.55 PS4, Recently developer deank seen the PS4 Exploit Coverage here on psx-place and then sought out looking for a console and well then before you know it, the developer had these screenshot (see below) to share with us today..Always good to see Dean back in the dev chair on consoles, because it's only means some exciting things are on the horizon for homebrew.

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