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  • May 5th, 2018

    by Published on May 5th, 2018 10:19
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    2. PS4

    Heres a nice release for the PS4:

    Logically, all PS4 firmware 4.05 / 4.55 (FAT / SLIM / PRO) should now be able to launch and use Manjaro Linux, which I pre-configured by default.
    I have also opened a wiki page on which everyone can refer as PS4 specific documentation, and contribute to it. I also uploaded multiple videos to give you a small preview of the rendering.

    And to be clear, the progress made by the latest patches of the team Psxita are very large, but we are still far from exploiting the full potential of the console on the side of the GPU, there is still work, but, it is already a good start, the homebrew scene now fully open to the PS4 as it now becomes possible to use and play most emulators without the PS2 emulator built into OrbitOS.

    Similarly, we can enjoy wine for some PC games, and Steam under Linux & Windows (via wine, always). It is up to everyone to bring what he can to advance the scene on this point. As some had asked me, I also preinstalled RetroArch, with multiple emulator hearts ... You should have something to do!

    I also split in two the file to restore, on one side the fat partition containing the last Eeply kernel and the initramfs which boots on Manjaro, on the other the ext4 system partition. I made this decision so that everyone can adapt the distribution to his situation, and maybe a developer will eventually find a way to boot Linux from the PS4 without having to go through a Payload.

    In the videos, the OS may seem a bit slow, but in reality it's because it starts from an external hard drive, I strongly advise you to use a SSD + SATA adapter => USB 3.0 to take full advantage of Linux on your console.

    You will find documentation and download links here --> https://wiki.osremix.com/fr/numeriqu...tion_4/manjaro

    via http://www.maxconsole.com/threads/ma...ailable.46864/ ...
    by Published on May 5th, 2018 10:18
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    2. GBA News

    Heres a nice bit of homebrew for the GBA:

    Sterophonick has been working on his new game for almost two years now, and he has finally finished it!
    Super Block Jump is a platforming game where you move a block and take it to the goal.

    Written in C with HeartLib, compiled with DevKitARM.

    Source: https://github.com/Sterophonick/SuperBlockJumpGBA
    HeartLib: https://github.com/Sterophonick/HeartLib

    NEWS SOURCE: Super Block Jump v1.09a (via) GBADev

    http://www.maxconsole.com/threads/super-block-jump-game-boy-advance-edition.46866/ ...
    by Published on May 5th, 2018 10:08
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    2. Playstation Vita News
    Article Preview

    Heres a release for the Playstation Vita:

    Are you one that hates Sony's PSVITA logo, or even the Team Molecule logo, well don't worry with this 'manager' by scene developer @skgleba you can control and change alot of settings, check out the many improvements below with his latest version just released:

    • Added "advanced options" (press triangle while in main menu)
    • You can now disable bootlogo displaying
    • You can now flash"broken"logo
    • Added option to flash custom enso
    • You can now change UI Colour

    Attached below is both of his .VPK files from the Mega Download Link, installable on those running v3.60 or v3.60 PSVita devices.

    NEWS SOURCE: @skgleba (via) Twitter

    http://www.maxconsole.com/threads/vi...-public.46884/ ...
    by Published on May 5th, 2018 10:05
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    2. Nintendo Switch

    Some great news regarding Yuzu the Nintendo Switch Emulator:

    The amazing emulator developer folks behond 'yuzu' which will be very first emulator on our PCs that can 'emulate' the Nintendo Switch, is making progress, since two weeks ago they reported the first 'indie' games booting up, now an actual Nintendo first-party game starts to work, of course still many long months maybe years before we see Super Mario Odyssey running in 4k on our high-end Desktop PCs.

    OFFICIAL SITE: --> https://yuzu-emu.org/

    NEWS SOURCE: @yuzuemu (via) Twitter

    http://www.maxconsole.com/threads/yuzu-boots-its-first-switch-exclusive-1-2-switch.46903/ ...
    by Published on May 5th, 2018 10:02
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    2. Snes News

    An old group has come back to release games for the Snes:

    OLDSKOOL in the past released a ton of games, and now they just released 'Socks the Cat Rocks The Hill, unreleased SNES

    Socks the Cat Rocks The Hill made history when a prototype was discovered, and then in form of Kickstarter last year it was released finally in brand-new SNES cartridge format, but in true spirit of real warez scene group, OLDSKOOL has now released the dump of it, along with two new 'intro/changers' for games Hind Strike and Creepy Bird, along with nice letter to the whole scene regarding recent and past drama that always seems to drag down the all spirit of just enjoying our consoles in ways official companies don't love!

    download http://www.maxconsole.com/threads/ol...eleases.46904/ ...
    by Published on May 5th, 2018 10:00
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    2. Nintendo Switch
    Article Preview

    Cpasjuste has posted a new homebrew release for the Switch:

    Scene developer @Markus95 has used the nice work by @Cpasjuste to help him port over 'Streets of Rage' to the Switch to enjoy!
    Markus95 said:
    Having finally updated my switch in 3.0.0 I decided to adapt my MOD Streets of Rage to the base developed for PS3 but also available on PSP, PS Vita and PS TV, so that it works on Switch. It understands for the moment only the mode EASY, the mode NORMAL and HARD will arrive soon, like the correction of some graphic bugs visible in this first release.

    changelog - v0.2:

    • Public release
    • Addition of PS3 cutscenes
    • Addition of PS3 internships
    • Added the PS3 intro
    • Addition of PS3 music
    • Added visual effects not present in the PS3 version
    • Adding the complete EASY mode


    • Decompress the SOR_Switch.rar archive
    • Copy / paste the Openbor folder in sd: / switch / ...

    The full version of MOD Streets of Rage is being tested and will be released soon, as well as a beta version of a new MOD being developed (preview in the video )

    PS: I want to thank @Cpasjuste for his huge work without which these MODs could not be adapted on Switch.

    via http://www.logic-sunrise.com/news-98...-rage-mod.html

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    by Published on May 5th, 2018 09:51
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    2. Retro Consoles/Translation News

    Atari® — One of the world's most iconic consumer brands and interactive entertainment producers — today announces that pre-sales of its new Atari VCS™ hardware platform will start May 30, 2018. The pre-sale is exclusive to Indiegogo and features the time-limited Atari VCS Collector's Edition featuring the special retro-inspired wood-front. In addition to the Collector's Edition, fans will have the option to pre-order the Atari VCS Onyx, a sleek black version. Early-bird Atari VCS packages will be offered, including the Onyx starting at $199 USD for a limited period of time. Other packages will include the Classic Joystick and Modern Controller. Initial Atari VCS shipments are planned for Spring 2019. Fans who have signed up for "insider" email alerts at AtariVCS.com before May 24, 2018 will be eligible for special purchase incentives during the pre-sale.

    The VCS is a completely new Atari connected device, designed in California by Atari. The company has partnered with AMD who provides the Atari VCS custom processor with Radeon Graphics Technology. The Atari VCS platform will offer support for 4K resolution, HDR and 60FPS content, onboard and expandable storage options, dual-band WiFi and Bluetooth 5.0, as well as USB 3.0 support. A complete list of Atari VCS product specs will be posted with the pre-sale.

    The updated Classic Joystick and new Modern Controller for the Atari VCS are being developed in partnership with leading video game peripherals maker Power A. Both items will be available in select packages and as standalone purchases.

    Retro-inspired, but not a "retro-box," the Atari VCS will be a fully customizable entertainment experience. This means access to a vast array of games, media and streaming content options. As an homage to the past, Atari VCS covers the classics with the included Atari Vault of more than 100 classic games, including all-time arcade and home entertainment favorites like Asteroids®, Centipede®, Breakout®, Missile Command®, Gravitar® and Yars' Revenge®; a growing list of games, especially a full range of popular modern titles, will be announced at later dates.

    "We continue moving forward on the Atari VCS project and are excited to see this pre-sale kickoff and to share more updates with our fans as we look toward the first shipments," notes Michael Arzt, Atari COO of Connected Devices. "We are building outstanding teams and forging alliances that will make this product great and truly worthy of the Atari VCS name. Expert hardware partners are helping make this project possible and we couldn't be more pleased with their contributions."

    Atari appreciates the community's intense curiosity about VCS games and content, hardware specifications, production timelines and other key information, and is confident that it is putting the right pieces in place for a successful product and launch.
    by Published on May 5th, 2018 09:50
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    2. Nintendo Switch
    Article Preview

    Heres one of the major releases for the Nintendo Switch Scene:

    Scene developer @SciresM is back finally with a much needed update to his 'HacTool' that now handles all the newly discovered 'Switch File Formats', and recently released Keys (not supplied with his package, but support is when you 'find them'), so enjoy!
    Keydata can be baked in at compile-time, or loaded from an external key file. See README.md and KEYS.md for details. In addition, a secure boot key + TSEC key + boot0 file pair can be passed in with an external key file to derive all keys it is possible to know given the information one has.

    New Features:

    • Added support for NAX0 (Nintendo Aes Xts File(system), SD Card content)
    • Added support for key derivation using EKS (keyblobs) and sbk/tsec key
    • Support was added for pre-1.0.0 "NCA2" content.

    Bugs fixed:

    • BKTR did not support the non-single bucket case, affecting games with huge patches (Splatoon 2, maybe others)
    • Too many small ones to count

    The following Switch file formats are supported:

    • NCA
    • XCI
    • HFS0
    • PFS0
    • RomFS
    • NPDM
    • Package1 (PK11)
    • Package2 (PK21)
    • INI1
    • KIP1
    • NAX0 (New)

    Compilation is still annoying, so a pre-compiled build is provided for Windows users.

    OFFICIAL SITE: --> https://github.com/SciresM/hactool/releases

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    by Published on May 5th, 2018 09:45
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    2. Nintendo DS News
    Article Preview

    Now heres a major release, a Custom Firmware for the Nintendo DSI, how awesome is that, heres the release details:

    The Nintendo DSi scene was set on 'fire' again after long-time scene developer @no$cash dropped the world's first 'coldboot' exploit for now retro DSi handheld onto the world called 'ULaunch' and now scene developer @Robz8 has released the world' first DSi 'CFW'.

    Here it is, the first DSi CFW!

    Video by Alex S (with SRLoader installed) and Video by @Apache Thunder (When RocketLauncher was planned for a release. With WarioWare Touched (DSiWare version) installed.)

    Robz8 said:
    With this CFW, you can run custom DSiWare, alongside region free and 3DS-exclusive DSiWare (WarioWare Touched), on your SD card, via NAND to SD redirection! You can also run blocked flashcards (such as R4 Ultra).

    Full guide (from stock to HiyaCFW)


    • @Apache Thunder, @nocash123, StuckPixel, @shutterbug2000, and @Gericom.
    • @Drenn: .bmp loading code from GameYob, for custom splash screens.
    • me: Logo graphic, and settings screen.
    • WinterMute/devkitPro: For the majority of the base code like nds-bootloader which this loader uses.

    Q: Can I use a custom splash for HiyaCFW?
    A: Yes you can, but only top splashes work for now. Place it at "sd:/hiya/" and name it splashtop.bmp. Make sure it's actually saved as a .bmp file, with the size of 256x192, with no color space info, and is 16-bit (A1 R5 G5 B5).​

    OFFICIAL SITE: --> https://github.com/Robz8/hiyaCFW/releases
    OFFICIAL GUIDE: --> https://dsi.cfw.guide/

    via http://www.maxconsole.com/threads/hi...dsi-cfw.46922/
    by Published on May 5th, 2018 09:35
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    15. Raspberry Pi

    The awesome multi system supporting emulator has a new release, heres what systems this release is for starting with PC, Apple Mac, Android, IOS, Playstation 3, Playstation Portable, PSVita, Xbox Original, Gamecube, Wii, Wii U, Nintendo 3DS and Raspberry PI:

    RetroArch 1.7.3 has just been released! Grab it here. This latest version has also been uploaded to the Google Play Store. If you’d like to show your support, consider donating to the team. Check here in order to learn more.
    RetroArch now has a WIMP GUI, powered by the powerful multimedia framework Qt! This feature is available currently for Windows and Linux. macOS users will have to wait a while longer for this feature to arrive to their platform.

    The WIMP GUI works as a companion to the main RetroArch window. You bring it into view by pressing the F5 key on your keyboard. From there, you can do many tasks:

    • Select a game from any playlist
    • Browse the file system or any attached media storage device and load a game.
    • Scan directories for content and generate system playlists.
    • Associate cores to an entire playlist or associate only one entry of a playlist to a specific core

    Some things we’d like to note:

    • This has been the combined work of bparker and Tatsuya79 that have worked tirelessly on this for a month. We are aware of several features that we’d like to implement, such as playlist editing, grid view layouts, etc.
    • We are open to feedback on the GUI.
    • You will likely not see this WIMP GUI on Android or iOS (or any game console for that fact) anytime soon. WIMP interfaces don’t lend themselves well to devices that rely on touchscreen or gamepad-based controls.
    • (For Linux users) The Qt GUI should definitely work on X11. If you’d like to run it on Wayland, make sure you have the appropriate packages installed for Qt5 in your package manager. Be aware that Qt 5 cannot gracefully fail right now in case a platform module/plugin is missing from your system. This means that if you invoke the companion UI by pressing F5 on Wayland, and for whatever reason the platform module that Qt relies on in order to work on Wayland is not there, there is no way for RetroArch to gracefully fail there and just not show the companion UI. There will be a crash instead. Unfortunately we have talked to some Qt developers and they see no other way around this for now. The same situation applies for DRM/KMS right now. If we can find a better solution to this, we will certainly return to it.
    • (For mac Users) You will have to wait a bit longer for this to arrive to the Mac port unfortunately. Hopefully that wait is not too long.
    • We would like to still improve initial bootup times for the companion UI. Right now, on first initial startup, it can take anywhere from 5 to 10 seconds (depending on your harddrive and its performance), but on subsequent boots should only take 2 seconds or less for first startup. Hopefully by resorting to Link Time Code Generation and other avenues we can shave off some more seconds off this boot time.

    OFFICIAL SITE: --> https://www.libretro.com/index.php/r...-7-3-released/

    via http://www.maxconsole.com/threads/re...eleased.46926/