RetroPie Portable builds are great fun, but lots of them make use of expensive tools like 3D printers and laser cutters, which tends to dismay [Kaushlesh] proves you dont need any of that!
To build his unit hes using a Raspberry Pi, a USB controller, a 6 x 4″ project box, a cheap LCD screen, a hot glue gun, and various electrical components you will still need some soldering skill to complete this project!
By modifying the case he assembled the control boards by taking apart the USB controller. Protoboard made for an easy way to mount his new buttons, with it simply hot glued in place. Quite a bit of soldering later and everything is connected. He notes youd better make sure everything works as you go otherwise it will be hard to find out whats wrong when it is assembled!
Future upgrades include a rechargeable li-ion pack and built in speakers (hes currently using headphones). Take a look after the break!