Nintendo will bring the final two Wii Sports mini-games, Baseball and Boxing, to Wii U on 27th June and offer all Wii U users free access for two days.
The mini-games are the last Wii Sports activities to be updated for Wii Sports Club, Nintendo's HD re-make of the Wii original.Baseball and Boxing will be available at a discounted price of 8.99 for the pair - cheaper than the other sports (likely because they are two of the least popular).Boxing now lets you use a Wii Remote Plus controller in each hand, rather than a Remote and Nunchuck, while Baseball's pitching and catching is now performed using the Gamepad screen.Like the other mini-games, the two have also been updated with fresh visuals, online multiplayer and Miiverse community support.After that, Nintendo will release all five sports together on disc - that'll be available on 11th July.