News/release from Klinkdawg:

I have just released a new game called Astroid Escape. The point of the game is to make it through the levels avoiding all of the floating astroids. This is the first release and here are some features(from the readme)

1. Put PSP folder on Memory Stick.
2. Go to Game -> Memory Stick in XMB
3. Run as normal homebrew under 3.XX Kernal

1. 4 Playable Levels
2. Can use Shield to avoid astroids.
3. Animations for moving up and shield.
4. If health is 0 then you die.
5. If shield is 0 then you can no longer use it.
6. Health and Shield reset after each level.

Press [] to use your shield.
Move and avoid astroids using the analog pad.
Navagate menu with control pad.

Features being worked on:
1. Add more levels(9 would be nice, like it says under Free Play.)
2. Fix the bug that makes it so your ship disappears when you go down and over at the bottom of the screen
3. Make levels 7-9 so astroids come from all sides except the bottom.

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