Though bugs delayed the initial release of Star Citizen's Arena Commander a la carte gameplay mode, developer Cloud Imperium Games has popped an airlock, sucking those dastardly code glitches into space like so many hapless xenomorphs.

Today's 0.8 update for Star Citizen offers access to new ships and gameplay modes. Would-be pilots can now step into the $#@!pit of the Roberts Space Industries Aurora, 300i and Hornet. These spacecraft can then be deployed in either the Vanduul Swarm gameplay mode or in simple, self-explanatory free flight. Additionally, this update adds multiplayer gameplay to both the Team and Battle Royale gameplay modes. All of this new content may seem daunting, but Cloud Imperium has also debuted an official "Pilot's Guide" for the new Arena Commander content.

Assuming you backed Star Citizen's overwhelmingly successful crowdfundingefforts with enough cash to earn either Alpha access or an Arena Commander pass, this new content is available for download at no additional charge.