The PC version of the next entry in EA Sports' soccer series, FIFA 15, will be powered by the publisher's Ignite Engine. The engine was announced for next-gen versions of EA's sports games just over one year ago at Microsoft's pre-E3 2013 Xbox One event, though it was left out of FIFA 14's PC version.

The tech is reportedly used by the publisher to enhance the intelligence and motion of athletes in its games thanks to "four times more calculations per second" than past efforts. The results were apparent in games like FIFA 14(seen above) and Madden 25 on PS4 and Xbox One, and now it seems PC devotees will get a version of FIFA that "will include all the same core features" on Sony and Microsoft's latest consoles. EA will have more news on FIFA 15 at its E3 2014 press event on Monday, June 9. Head past the break for the minimum and recommended PC specs for the game.