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Thread: The Star Wars Retrospective: Episode II

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    Forum The Star Wars Retrospective: Episode II

    If you've got 23 minutes to kill and a hankering for some Star Wars video game adaptation history this Sunday morning, we highly suggest securely fastening your lookin' balls onto the second installment in GameTrailers' Star Wars Retrospective. After the first episode's focus on the primitive origins of the franchise, it's nice to see some games that we've actually played -- including JVC's punishing SNES adaptations of the original trilogy, a LEGO title, and the legendary Star Wars Trilogy Arcade from Sega. It's also nice to see a little more Lando -- considering the next episode's progression to the games based on the newer films, it'll probably be the last we see of him for a while.

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    What? No Rogue Squadron or Rebel Assault? Tut tut tut, GameTrailers.

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