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Thread: PSP S&L 3.90 NAND DUMP Request.

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    Default PSP S&L 3.90 NAND DUMP Request.


    I need a PSP Slim & Lite 3.90 NAND DUMP, so I can fix my PSP Slim & Lite.
    I loaded the NAN DUMP which I thought was my Slim & Lite Dump, turns out it was the PHAT 3.90 dump, so my PSP won't start, so I put my Pandora in and flashed it back to 3.90 with DC5 but then I get the message skype_main_plugin.rco with a 0x number and FAILED.

    So I want to load the S&L dump to check if that's the problem, if you guys have another solution, please let me know. If you have the dump, PM me please.

    Thank you in advance.


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    if you dump a different nand than your own youll lose your umd drive i did the same thing also cant upgrade without a DC from dark alex

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