Sony Computer Entertainment Europe president Jim Ryan told CVG in an E3 interview that the feature - which will allow Far Cry 4 owners to invite their friends to join them in co-op, whether those friends own the game or not - is "the first manifestation" of an existing idea for the console.
"[I]t was something that was alluded to when we unveiled PS4 about a year ago," Ryan said. "Ubisoft have really embraced this and we're really intrigued to see how it goes."
Ryan said the friend invites are "envisaged as a platform level feature", but they are waiting to see how they perform in Far Cry 4 before expanding efforts to secure the feature for more games.
The SCEE executive said in the same interview that Sony plans to release a PS4/PS Vita bundle, but "packaging problems" are delaying its release.
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