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Thread: PS3 Themes for PSP XMB

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    Lightbulb PS3 Themes for PSP XMB

    I've seen several good looking PS3-like themes for the PSP on youtube and such, but most of the users don't want to share their themes.

    So i was wondering if anyone here is willing to share PS3 themes for the PSP, they can post them here.

    try to include a screenshot or two and .CTF themes are preferred.

    I guess i'll start things off (i don't take credit for any of these themes) screens are at links, i think most of these are flash themes:

    PS3 Theme (i think this is the one going around for a while)

    Reever's Full PS3 Theme

    PS3 Theme - PSP Restyled Silver

    Playstation 3


    I think this one's just a background but you can check it out

    PS3 Style "PLAYSTATION" Gameboot

    If anyone knows how to convert flash themes to .CTF please post a tutorial or something.
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