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Thread: Flux Shell for PSP

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    psp Flux Shell for PSP

    News/release from Mov

    This is a shell (yes, another one!) I've been working on for a bit, for fun/learning. It's all my own code (minus the credited stuff).

    RE. the included skin ("Fluxmb"): obviously, the icons are ripped directly from the XMB. It's not great, but I'm not a graphics person at all. Don't complain, just make a nicer one (please! - see inc. skin for example).

    What it can do/supports so far:

    - Configurable via config files (flux.cfg, ext.cfg, skin.cfg), comments supported (prefix with #)
    -- flux.cfg (set skin & custom paths for game, music & pics dirs)
    -- ext.cfg (set file associations)
    -- skin.cfg (font, etc. colours..)

    - Run EBOOTs (obviously..)
    - Open file with application based on extension (eg. txt files with BookR)
    - Skinnable (png: menu icons, background, battery, usb..)
    - File browser (doesn't support file manipulation.. yet)
    - Alter CPU speed (222/266/333)
    - Time, date, cpu speed, FW ver. displayed
    - Battery status icon (alternates between battery & plug when on A/C & <100% batt)
    - Enable/disable USB mass storage (icon displayed when enabled)
    - Launch ISOs from file browser (no-UMD not supported at all, for now..)
    - Image viewer (jpeg & png at <= 1024x1024)
    - Return to Flux only after starting app/game from Flux (via autoboot PRX)
    - Optionally autoboot Flux when starting PSP by holding left trigger
    - Launch Sony browser (see notes below..)

    Views (via menu):

    - Applications (launch apps, displays icons)
    - Disks - file browser (only ms0:, for now.. other devices are dummy entries)
    - UMD Game (you can start an inserted UMD from here, displays pic1 & icon0)
    - Information (detailed battery status, USB status..)
    - Settings (not implemented yet, so skin, etc. has to be set manually in config)
    - Exit (sleep, reload, restart, exit)

    Controls (tentative):

    - In Menu:
    up/down - prev/next menu entry
    cross - select menu entry
    right - activate main view (discards current menu selection)

    - In Main View:
    left - activate menu
    cross - select

    - File Browser:
    cross - select/open
    up/down - up/down
    analog up/down - up/down (fast, repeats)
    triangle - up a directory

    - Image Viewer:
    cross/triangle/circle - exit image viewer
    square - hide/show info bar

    - Global:
    left trigger + select - toggle USB
    left trigger + start - change cpu speed
    right trigger + select - take screenshot (saved to pics dir set in config)


    - Swapping inserted UMD will cause Flux to lock up (if in UMD view) until original UMD is inserted. So, reload of Flux is necessary between swaps.

    - When Flux is not autobooted (ie. you start it manually from the XMB), and you start an ISO the system will restart before launching the game (implemented this as it seems to be necessary, not sure why yet..). So, starting an ISO will be faster/more reliable if you've autobooted Flux or returned to it.

    - Menu isn't too smooth when lots of stuff is being drawn to the main view (will see about making it smoother later..)

    - Probably doesn't work very well under 1.5 kernel. PBP launching will likely work from the file browser, but not UMD & ISO launching. The app. view doesn't support kxploited (app/app%) eboots, so it'll be messed up. Not sure if I'll ever bother with 1.5 support, frankly.

    - Potentially a problem: I've only tested Flux on 3.80M33-*, so it could have issues on 3.90M33 (not sure.. let me know).

    Installation instructions:

    1. Copy contents of MS_ROOT dir. to memory stick (overwrite seplugins/vsh.txt or add the entry manually).
    2. Enable fluxret.prx in recovery menu -> plugins.
    3. Customize paths in ms0:/Flux/cfg/flux.cfg (optional)
    4. Run from the XMB or restart and hold down the left trigger.

    (the GAME dir. should be set to use the 3.xx kernel in the recovery menu)


    Only tested on 3.80M33-5!

    I've included an EBOOT which launches the Sony Browser (so you can start the browser from Flux). It was written by DA, IIRC. It's set as the default app for .html files in ext.cfg (so that you can directly open html files from the file browser). Yes, it's the same one iR Shell uses. Yes, you can use it with any other shell if you want.

    The Flux EBOOT icon SUCKS. It was just a quicky rather than leaving the default one.

    There's no MP3 player (YET).

    Thanks to:

    - All the guys who work on the PSP SDK.
    - Dark_AleX, of course.
    - Whoever wrote graphics.c/h (I apologize for my ignorance here..)

    Credits (so far):

    - The PBP Unpacker documentation (specifically, the technical overview of PBP/SFO files)
    - Shine (from ps2dev) for some timezone info/code he posted.
    - AhMan, for the USB icon (included with the "Fluxmb" skin) which I STOLE from iR Shell.

    Download and Give Feedback Via Comments

    voa mov

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    Cool, seems to be pretty good. Is this your first app ever done for the PSP?

    I'm gonna follow the development of this.

    Don't you die like many other projects do, one release then nothing more.

    I want more shells =)


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    screenshots maybe?

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    ^There's a handful at the release link.

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