I have just updated ColEm-Android, my ColecoVision emulator, to version 3.0. The main addition is the Super Game Cartridge support for large (>32kB) cartridges that are popular in the Coleco homebrew community. Many "modern" ColecoVision games are going to run now. I have also fixed support for ZIP files on Kitkat and added assignable buttons for saving, restoring, and replaying the gameplay. See the complete list of changes below.

  • Added support for Super Game Cartridges with >32kB ROMs.
  • LuckyPatcher use now accepted, by public demand, but you will see a warning.
  • Fixed support for .ZIP files stored on Kitkat SD cards.
  • Added custom key assignments for freezing, restoring, and replaying gameplay.
  • Added "General | Confirm Freezing State" option for people who tend hitting "Freeze" by mistake.
  • Now allowing to remap the "O" button on Xperia Play gamepad.
  • The "REWIND" hardware key now replays recent gameplay.
  • The "RECORD" hardware key now freezes gameplay state.
  • The "PLAY" hardware key now restores gameplay state.
  • No longer showing box art for .ZIP files, as we cannot identify them.
  • Moved "Screen Orientation" option to the "Video" tab.
  • Reordered items in the "Video" tab.