A week or so ago Xbox Live underwent some changes that broke parts of Spark 360, rendering it useless for features such as profiles and friends lists. Version 6.50 fixes those issues, but with a considerable caveat – it removes a considerable chunk of features that are no longer available due to the latest changes to the Xbox Live web portal.
Gone are detailed user statistics, such as bio, name, location, motto, rep and Microsoft points (though removal of the latter is considerably overdue) – with the exception of rep, which is now a slider, none of those stats are available. Missing also is the Find gamertag option in the friends list.
On the bright side, the rest of the Xbox Live functionality should be back to normal.
PSN support, the lesser used half of the app is still broken – due to a change in the authentication protocol which I still haven’t been able to fix. I will do my best to fix this before September, but so far I have been unsuccessful.
While I wrote about this in an earlier post, I should mention again that Spark 360 will be taken off Google Play on September 1st – the latest changes to Live further decrease the usefulness of the app – especially with the official clients now being available. I won’t be making any more changes to the client, but the source code willstill be available at https://github.com/pokebyte/Spark360 - anyone who wants to fork and maintain the app is more than welcome.