Sony will demo its virtual reality headset Project Morpheus to attendees at next week’s Develop Conference in Brighton.

Attendees will be offered hands-on time with tech will be on the Expo floor on Wednesday, July 9th and Thursday, July 10th.

A session on techniques to create VR titles with Project Morpheus will also be presented at the conference on Thursday, July 10th.

“The ability to make people feel like they’re present elsewhere makes VR a new and compelling medium for a variety of gaming and non-gaming applications,” read a statement from SCEE.

“Drawing on SCE’s rich history of hardware design and technologies, the advancement of displays, sensors, and optical lens technology has made it possible to develop a light and high performing headset. SCE believe that in the near future, it will be possible to deliver an experience that enables players to step inside the world of their games.

“We encourage a wide range of developers to take interest in this virtual reality system. We look forward to connecting with attendees at Develop and offering a rare chance to experience and discover project Morpheus first hand.”