Marat Fayzullin has released another version of its GameBoy Advance emulator VGBA-Android.

I am rolling out VGBA-Android 4.4.6, a new version of my GameBoy Advance emulator. The new version lets you move and resize the game screen. Simply go to "Input | Edit Virtual Joystick" and drag or resize the blue screen rectangle with your fingers. Landscape and portrait screens have separate settings. This feature has been requested by many users, so here it is.

I have also fixed a bunch of issues in the Joystick Editor and added a hack to make some previously broken hardware keyboards work. If you canīt use your Bluetooth keyboard, enable "Input | Ignore Fake KeyUp Events" and see if it helps.

  • Added screen resizing/positioning to the Joystick Editor.
  • Added "Input | Ignore Fake KeyUp Events" option to make misbehaving keyboards work.
  • Added backdrop image to the Joystick Editor.
  • Fixed joystick shape changes in the Joystick Editor.
  • Fixed joystick resizing/positioning in the Joystick Editor.
  • Fixed backdrop image shifting down after rotation.
  • Removed some outdated code that is no longer relevant.