RetroArch Git (2014/08/10) is complied. RetroArch is the reference frontend for the libretro API. Popular examples of implementations for this API includes videogame system emulators and game engines, but also more generalized 3D programs. These programs are instantiated as dynamic libraries. We refer to these as "libretro cores". libretro is an API that exposes generic audio/video/input callbacks. A frontend for libretro (such as RetroArch) handles video output, audio output, input and application lifecycle. A libretro core written in portable C or C++ can run seamlessly on many platforms with very little/no porting effort.

RetroArch Git Changelog:
- (Settings data) Add better error handling for fastforward_ratio
twinaphex authored a day ago
- (Settings data) Guard against fastforward_ratio being set to 0.0
- Merge pull request #865 from Monroe88/master
(Lakka) Do not link libpng in
- (Wayland) Adding preliminary work by maister - input hookup still
- (Lakka) Do not link libpng in
- Merge pull request #864 from tobiasjakobi/fixes
exynos: cleanups and further improvements to font rendering