Tyne has updated his Quake brawling mod for Dreamcast and PC once again. Here's what's new: [br][br]Vigil's shadow effects are now a deep dark red, red is the color of power. [br]2 New enemies! One is a skeleton that is a bit tougher then a knight, and just under a Baron.. they can also jump behind you. The other new monster is a Horror, a female demon that flies around in the air and casts Fireballs at you, they can be a pain in the butt if teamed up. [br]Modified the Uppercut Slice so that it flows even better into the head smash [br]Camera now intelligently zooms in and out of the action! [br]More scenery entities added including a new statue and zombies that hang on walls [br]New temporary music for the castle level [br]Beta version of the Dungeon level is included [br]Update castle.bsp for new enemies and a destroyable door at the end [br]TAoV now supports destroyable BMODEL scenery, meaning a mapper can design something Vigil can break in his level out of brushes [br]New sounds and I changed a few [br][br]Download Here