The Cobra team presents version 2.2 of its firmware for all versions of its ODDE, including 5.3A and 5.1B models.

The program includes a 40% improvement in speed in reading and USB update disc bypass for compatibility with Sony Firmware 4.60. BYPASS is also functional on older PS3 (PATA, SATA FAT, 2k, 2k5 and 3k). Additional Hardware Module is requested and will be sold bundled with the versions 5.10b and 5.3A. This module, the Cobra DMC supports older versions of ODDE (3.x and 4.x) and can be purchased separately and Firmware 2.3 released accordingly. 's new / fixed: Fixed 2.2 - Appointment of correct Firmware for 5.30A models -> Chipset M2S010: v5p30A10.spi -> Chipset M2S025: v5p30A25.spi 2.2 - V5.x boards: Support 5.30A models - V5.x boards: Improved speed of USB playback 40% - Support 4.60 Bypass and new tools - Automatic region PS1 games Patch - Fixed error with Ps2 games and Blu-ray movies that did not work with the option: manager.on_reboot = 1 - Improved success rate swap - Fixed error with PS1 discs - Fixed possible freeze when a hard-drive was disconnected while playing a game - Fixed a freeze when Dump an original disc - Added a configuration option: games.encrypted = 1 - Added a configuration option: psx.region 2.1 - FPGA 1: Fixed a security issue that caused errors AES encryption - FPGA 3: Improving stability - V5.x boards: Update USB Driver - V5.x boards: Error Correction USB Playback - Added configuration option: bypass.delay - Added configuration option: folders .ps3_games - Added configuration option: folders.ps2_games - Added configuration option: folders.ps1_games - Added configuration option: folders.bd_movies - Added configuration option: folders.dvd_movies - Option default: eject.on_selection = 1 - Option default: eject.add_menu = 1 - Option default: mcu.underclock = 1 - Change the default type of browser Manager - Fixed error with BD discs -RE left in the drive - Display the firmware version in the XMB when using Browser - Fixed Bypass method on 4k with motherboard MPX001 - Fixed a configuration error uninitialized start ODDE of activating the pass-through mode by default as a hard-drive was not connected valid Thank bebox and JKilvan for information. ODDE Cobra Firmware Manager Cobra Cobra ODDE Bypass 455 Cobra GenPS3iso GenPS3Extra Pack Cobra API ODDE Website: