t377y000 features version 1.0.3 of its engine FPS 3D game for the Nintendo DSi, " Sandbox DSi-Hybrid Engine ".

Changes Log: (12/08/14)
+ FPS boost, fixed a bug blank (thanks Foxi4)
+ rear level is now as blue as the sky. v1.0.2 update makefile + + optimized code & Some bug fixes + A Few optimized & changed more models & textures (rid of A Few graphical glitches) + major exchange to map1, map2, REPLACED + model has glitched -adjusted + cameras + Added config audio video option & option (testing) + Added option Outlining + Added motion blur option + Added option specs show game (fps counter) + Added skybowl & fps counter to tps camera running + Added to touch fps cam + small exchange to map 3 + May 4 May look familiar (for fans od ds-dsi) + Added some more scenery to map 1, 2, 4 + Some new fixed & changes to map 6 v1.0.1 + Fixed bug, cleaned / optimized Some code + map1, WAS Originally Farming for only testing models, goal now it feels more mappy : 3 + A Few optimized models & textures + wifi test freeze fixed + Some tweaked lighting + d-pad to exchange fps cam, Improved draw distance, speeded things up + Slightly Improved draw distance in touch fps + Improved draw distance & touch tps removed player model, for now ... v1.0.0 (release) + Envisioned completely Call re-code from scratch + optional camera controls 1st person, 3rd person, d-pad 1st person. (Testing) + Re-Envisioned Menus / GUI (testing) + Improved graphics, lighting, more efficient textures + custom collision system (WIP) + Audio (WIP)