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Thread: OpenTyrian 0.2 DC

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    Dreamcast OpenTyrian 0.2 DC

    News/release from Indiket

    Well friends, RealLife? (Tm) has kept me quite ocupadillo and with many things to do, but I think it was time to update this cucumber homebrew, and with all of you ......

    OpenTyrian? 0.2 DC

    -- Updated version rev. 720 Classic.
    -- Amended fmopl.c using code version PSP. It reduces a little sound quality for release cpu.
    -- Implemented preliminary routines to load and save. OpenTyrian? You can save and load games from the VMU. This has to be in the port A1, and always took 7 blocks, regardless of the No saves.
    -- Added icon in the vmu loading the game, and also in the file of the vmu.
    -- Added support for 2 players. The controls have changed the previous version:
    Player 1: moving ship with digital (rather than analog), shoots with A, B, X and side arms, change shape shot START.
    Player 2: moving ship only with analog, shoots A lateral shoots two weapons at once with the B, and change shape shot START.
    -- Added music predigitalizada (WAV) instead of emularla. The DC will be loading into memory the songs that you ask (be careful with the jukebox).

    -- The game freezes upon entering the section Instruction.
    -- There is no support network gaming.

    1. To save a game, before you start OpenTyrian? Must have a command on port 2! When you go to save, simply click on the Start command and 2 will be saved.

    2. To be able to play games to 2, before starting level, the player has to take 1 keyboard, and the player 2 joystick.

    3. You can play games from 1 player, putting the command in the port 2 (if more like playing with analog).

    Download and give feedback via comments

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    Sweet!! I really like the PSP version. Those this one contain everything & is it 100% speed?

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