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Thread: SNES9X 1.43 WiiMote Edition 0.1.1a - Snes Emulator for Nintendo Wii

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    you put the directories at the root of the SD card... even if the .elf file is in another directory due to channel loader stuff.
    make sure you spell the directories correctly too.

    e.g. F:\Snes9x\Roms

    there may be issues if it is not formatted in FAT (can't remember if there still is this problem)

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    Quote Originally Posted by pulproute View Post
    Go to the original thread, there is now a version that support classic controller ! Have fun !
    what orig thead? The OP has no updated version with classic. Are you referring to the release thats only in spanish?

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    With the recently out homebrew channel, when trying to load the homebrew channel is stuck with a dark screen. Still, the previous version withouth the wiimote support works perfectly

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    how do i insert the snes in to the wii

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    do any of these SNES emulators support saving to the big gamecube memory cards or 2 gig sd cards?

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