Progress on the Sega Dreamcast emulator for Linux.

The good news is that I now have regular access to a mac again, and itís actually fairly up-to-date (ie itís running 10.5). So as a result, I have to say Iím stunned that other people have managed to get as far as they did - as far as I can see, Apple seems to have broken GLX pretty thoroughly[0] .

So Iíve done 3 things:

* Fixed the crashes at least, with glx, and generally fixed up the configure script for 10.5. Iíve probably broken it for 10.4 though. Which raises the question - is anyone actually trying to use lxdream on 10.4?
* Added support for the native GTK port w/ NSGL. This actually works fairly nicely. Unfortunately the only binary I can find for GTK/Quartz is provided by macports, and the font support is broken at the moment (ie completely missing). If anyone actually manages to build it from sourceÖ do let me know

* Started implementing a (fairly minimal) native cocoa UI. Well I was always going to do this eventually, I just hadnít been planning to do it _now_.

In unrelated news, pulseaudio support is now in, along with spanish and italian translations (thanks to segnini75 and ghost22)
[0] So far Iíve noticed: Itís restricted to 16-bit depth buffers, has various other regressions from 10.4, creating a context with fbconfig crashes the app, glSecondaryColorPointerEXT fails if given a size = 4 (and lead to a crash), not to mention the libGL link cycle issueÖ