Since I already made it clear that I was not going to do any new development in the PSP scene, and I already promised to release the source code, I created two different repositories for ARK 2 and arkMenu.

ARK 2 is an improved and mostly bugfixed version of the ARK eCFW created by the team PRO a few years ago.
The eCFW was left gathering dust as nobody seemed to care about developing it.
My once great friend qwikrazor87 and I approached Coldbird for the source code because making another CFW from scratch was pointless and we all know how much TN likes to share code.
Coldbird had no problems giving us the source code so we could port our first kernel exploit to it, but we found out that over the years (or months) ARK had become highly unstable with newer firmwares, so we worked on updating it and improving the code.
Because I like knowledge to be shared and Iím a sucker for open source projects where anyone can contribute instead of elitism that makes no sense at this point in the scene, I asked Coldbird for permission to make it open source, and behold, I got permission from him and hrimfaxi.
Another project I worked on was arkMenu, a new menu with just enough features for all you need on the ePSP of the Vita: launching games (with PMF and AT3 support just like the XMB), a file browser and built-in FTP.
Anyways, Iím not working or gonna work on these projects anymore, so I might as well release the source code in the wild, perhaps new blood takes it from here, but given the current situation of the ePSP scene (all about ISOs and no homebrew developer) I find that extremely difficult to occur.
The repositories can be found in my bitbucket page: