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The very first in-game footage from the much anticipated Gears of War 2 is smashing onto the internet on May 9.

Microsoft has confirmed to CVG that gameplay footage from Epic's big sequel will be unleashed on May 9, 11pm Pacific time - that's May 10, 7am here in the UK.

Microsoft has told us: "It will be approximately 90-120 seconds in length", and will "have an intro by Cliff and then show gameplay footage from the campaign". Multiplayer won't be shown.

No further hints as to what might be in the trailer were offered. But at least you'll get to see more than the mass-draw and water-effect demonstrations showcasing the latest Unreal tech at the GDC unveiling in February.

As well as the new plot, the sequel promises to raise the bar even further than the first on a technical front, with "technological advance" on Unreal Engine III.

You know the time and the place. Get those F5 keys ready...