RiceVideo Git (2014/10/03) is compiled. RiceVideo is an open source video graphic plugin for N64 emulators. All windows-based emulators with plugin support (1964, Project64, Mupen64plus).

RiceVideo Git Changelog:
* [~]For now remove WIP folder checking.. Dont worry Microdev I do plan on re-implementing this at some stage
* [~] Fix up some changes with texture enhancement, should now properly load and drop textures at a whim
* [~] More config cleaning, especially cleaning of the interface, trying to make it much easier to use, rather than being spread over several different pages
* [~] More cleanups to the config system.
Begin cleaning up the actual interface a bit XD, in the middle of reworking it so its a tad ugly at the moment.
DirectX code now no longer checks for max ansio and anti alias, we shall just assume all devices are capable of 16x ansio and 8x anti aliasing
* Ok something screwed up last commit, but thats what i get for trying to do a $#@! ton of things straight up....
Ok for now lets just cleanup the config
* [-]Remove the use of BOOL typedef, this is for when Rice Video was relying completely on C which has no support for boolean.
[~] Begin reworking the config... this could take alot of work