A Kickstarter for a PlayStation Home-style virtual world on PS4 is now underway.
It’s called Neotopia and has a number of developers that have previously worked on Sony’s surprisingly profitable PS3 venture, which is scheduled for termination next year.
Features include customisable avatars and apartments, public spaces, voice and text chat, groups, a virtual currency, games and the chance to shape development via a voting system.
The crowdfunding push is looking to raise £250k, of which it has currently raised £16,430 with 25 days remaining.
Its founders include David Dow and Mark Jagger (All Zombies Must Die), Ed Gladwin (PlayStation Home), Nader Alikhani (Smartbomb) and Allan Robertson (Dovetail).
“Neotopia is a virtual world for PlayStation 4; an ever-evolving online space where you can meet, interact, play and share – a next-generation blend between the world of gaming and social media,” the pitch reads.
“Free from the off, Neotopia will allow you to be part of a rich and expansive social environment, brought to life with Unreal Engine 4 and the power of the PlayStation 4. You’ll create and customise an avatar - your conduit to Neotopia.
“There will be public spaces to explore, people to meet, events to attend and activities to get involved in. You’ll also be able to purchase a range of private Neotopia apartments, redecorate them, share them with your friends and rate those of others.”