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Thread: GDEmu WIP Update - Road to hell

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    Default GDEmu WIP Update - Road to hell

    Iíve been getting more and more emails from people who bought and tested 64GB+ cards. It occured to me that rather than having to retype this every time I should just make a public post.
    Yes, I know SDXC cards work. If formatted to FAT32 that is, preferably with SD Formatter. However, GDEMU was not designed with that in mind and while it seems to work for most people, for some it just might not. I cannot test every brand and model of SD cards, and there are some that donít behave nicely (like the Transcend Class 10ís) and thereís nothing I can do about it. I donít want people buying expensive high-capacity cards only to learn they donít work well, or at all. Therefore the official support ends with 32GB SDHC cards and itíll stay that way. If you feel lucky and want to try something bigger, youíre on your own.
    Obviously for bigger cards the current limit of 64 folders is too low. Iím going to skip the usual rant on design choices Iíve made Ė you want the limit to be 99+, you can get it. For a price. Right now GDEMU does a prescan of the card folders and can gracefully skip holes in numbering. With more folders both the prescan and the storage of results get too costly, so will have to go. Scanning on keypress would introduce too much lag with many folders, so basically it would become a dumb ďtry N+1, wrap back to 1 if it doesnít existĒ.
    USB support, long filenames, breakfast making Ė not coming in foreseeable future. Donít bug me about it.

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