Atari Jaguar emulator has been updated. Changes:
- Bugfix for catastrophic failure in Controller config dialog. Thanks to ggn for reporting this! [Shamus]
- Added controller profiles. What this means is that if you left your gamepad behind and/or have a different one, VJ will let you create a controller config for the new controller without destroying the old one. This also means that if you have *no* controllers, you can still play VJ with the keyboard. [Shamus]
- Fixed a few problems with the DSP a timing; as a result, the sound in Rayman and the FACTS demo is correct now. [Shamus]
- Removed toolbar from full screen mode. [Shamus]
- Added analog inputs to gamepad support. [Shamus]
- Fixed 6MB cartridge space access limitation. 6MB carts should work now. [Shamus]
- Fixed problem with JERRY interrupts corrupting the M68K core. [Shamus]
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