To coincide with the significant PS4 firmware update 2.0 released today, PS Vita and PS TV have also received new system firmware.
Available now, the Vita update version 3.35 adds four-player Remote Play functionality to the PS TV micro-console, finally enabling multiplayer options for play over a remote connection to PS4.
It also adds the Live from PlayStation app, allowing you to watch live streams of PS4 games on your Vita and PS TV.
Completing a trio of updates, Sony has also released version 2.0 of the mobile PlayStation App for smart devices. The update includes a completely redesigned home screen and a new layout for tablet devices.
Earlier in October Sony added the ability to apply themes to the Vita's home menu with Vita system firmware update 3.30.
This comes after the release of the release of PS4 firmware update 2.0, which adds significant new features including Share Play, YouTube uploads, improved live streaming options, home menu themes and more.