As some of you already noticed preorders for GDEMU are open again. I did it quietly this time to not have my mailbox overloaded. I still have more units coming but be aware that the waiting time is already about 4-5 weeks by now so youíre unlikely to get it before Xmas. That being said, the early bird gets the worm so get Ďem while supply lasts
Rhea on the other hand is running a bit late, the MCU change means I need to rewrite some code and do a lot of testing. Still not sure if v2 will be good enough for sale but keep your fingers crossed. Oh, and I recently purchased a VCD/MPEG addon card to test compatibility Ė I know itís not exactly frequently used and I donít expect problems, but Iíd like to be sure.
PCE is also deep in the woods, I had to restart proto PCB design on this project as well due to lessons learned from Saturn. In fact Iím going to do a simplified version first that will plug into a dev board (which in turn is getting upgraded from ARM7TDMI to CortexM4 next week) Ė itíll be easier to work with, I donít need it to be very portable yet.
Lastly Iím also getting a Mega Drive / Genesis + CD addon to look at the internals. This is completly on-the-side project with next to zero time assigned to it so please donít expect any results soon. I wonít lie though, I like playing with new toys more than soldering all those GDEMUs :P This is something to keep me busy during December holidays, assuming I wonít be swamped with other work.
To sum up, you better hope I can keep my resolve not to play Civ:BE