Japanese companies WaiS Co.LTD and The Location Inc. released a chat app for the Nintendo 3DS in Japan, titled Minna no Oshaberi Chatto. This app is being released in North America and Europe by Teyon as Chat-A-Lot.Chat-A-Lot functions the way you would expect. Itís a voice and text chat application, and allows you to communicate with other 3DS Friends List. Text-based group chats are possible with up to 10 people, while group voice chats can include up to four people.While chatting, you can also draw and exchange pictures. Thereís also a password protection feature for concerned parents that want to control the way their kids can use the application.Chat-A-Lot will be available on November 20th in the American eShop for $7.99. Europe will get the game ďsoonĒ.
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