The super-powerful Radeon R9 295x2 has been significantly discounted.
Eurogamer reports that the card, which is effectively two R9 290Xs shoved onto a single card and running in parallel, can now be had for around £490, representing a substantial saving over its £1,200 launch price and still a lot less than its more recent £700 pricing.
The R9 295x2 integrates a custom liquid cooling solution to compensate for the cardís naturally high temperatures.
The move is most likely a response to the incredibly positive reception given to Nvidiaís new GTX 970, which offers fantastic performance for as little as £250.
In fact, running two 970ís in SLI still costs less than the R9 295x2, run a lot cooler and offer similar results, although the set-up will probably fall short of AMDís card when it comes to 4K framerates.