The parts I needed for GDEMU have now arrived but Iím already a week behind schedule, and I still have to actually make and test the devices so thatís going to be another week at best. Shipping anything during that time is pretty much guaranteed to take much longer than usual to arrive due to general Xmas shopping spree, in fact youíll be lucky to get your GDEMU in 2014 still. Whatís more, it turns out I will be away from home, visiting family. That means no games will be played, er, I mean no GDEMUs will be made anyway during holiday.
Very sorry about this but at this point thereís simply nothing I can do.
I should be able to deliver the early Rheas though, I have one fully assembled (but not yet even programmed) and the rest should be ready in few days if there are no problem with the first unit.

The gold on black looks nice, doesnít it? I might go that route for some of the last GDEMUs as well.