Kunio Kun no Nekketsu Soccer League is the best fighting soccer game. But there are some unfinished things in the original game: •Only 6 teams of the total number 11 were available in versus mode. •Only 6 Japan players of the total number 12 were available in versus mode. •Goalkeepr bug - a jump of GK in an opposite direction when pressing A + B + UP/DOWN in some cases. And now… we got a collection of Team Hacks! Team Hack 2014 - the main core of other Team Hacks: •6 teams are unlocked in versus and PK modes, except South Korea. •All players of Japan team are available in versus mode. •Partial fix of GK bug. •Now player can make super shot after jump with the ball on the maximum height (hard difficulty only) Team Hack 2014 - 4P on field + Fast AI - All 4 players are on field, 2nd and 4th players are DF now. And all AI players can use fast run as human players. There is a lot of action, especially in the air! Team Hack 2014 - 2P PK and Team Hack 2014 - 4P PK are the hacks intended for training of GK skills. English Translation Fix - just the small fix of some text for the English translation. Enjoy the netplay =)http://www.romhacking.net/hacks/2254/