This release feels a bit bittersweet as the news has just been confirmed that the CVG brand will be put to rest for good after a run of 33 years. The magazine series itself folded in 2004, but the brand continued as a website till the end of 2014. We recommend anyone feeling nostalgic about the good old days to make sure and read the Official feature on which includes comments from several key members whom made Computer & Video Games what it was.
Now let's take a look back at issue 178 from 1996 and celebrate the legacy of the brilliant magazine that once was...
We begin with an interview with none other than Shinji Mikami from Capcom. Then we dive into a preview for Virtua Fighter 3 for the arcades, which also includes a short interview with Yu Suzuki. Next up is a special on Quake for the PC, as well as Super Mario 64 for the Nintendo 64.
And we end on a high note as Paul Davies and the crew take on NiGHTS into Dreams, and we all know how much they loved this particular game.