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Thread: Review: XCM PSP Slim Lite Faceplate

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    psp Review: XCM PSP Slim Lite Faceplate

    XCM PSP Slim Lite Faceplate
    Manufacturer: XCM
    Price: $24.99-$27.99

    Overview : This ultra high quality faceplate is just what you need to spice up your Sony PSP Slim console! Using a special process to make the faceplate extra smooth, its labeled as the "Smooth as Silk" series from XCM. Using only the highest quality plastic this unique faceplate is sure to please.

    Included :
    • Comes with 2 sets of replacement fire buttons with different patterns on each.
    • Includes 2 Screwdrivers to open your Sony PSP Slim.
    • Easy to Install - 10-15 minute installation.

    Quality/Usability : Below are two videos on how to remove the faceplate from your PSP Slim and how to install the XCM PSP Slim Lite Faceplate:
    (by removing the faceplate, you void you warranty. DCEmu Reviews and DCEmu Networks is not responsible for any damages that user may have caused)

    Remove faceplate


    Since the videos above pretty much did all the writing for me on removing and installing the faceplate, I'll talk about the quality and how the pieces fit in place.

    The quality of the faceplate is top-notch like all other XCM products. However, I'm not fond of the aftermarket buttons. I never was. They have always felt cheap to me. The XCM PSP Slim Lite Faceplate included two different button pads. Both have different designs. One is dotted to the design of the designated buttons (triangle, X, circle, square) and the other has designs on it. A PlayStation controller acts as the triangle, Xbox logo as the X, UMD disc as the O and a PSP as the square. Having tried both, it seems that one is better than the other. I preferred the one that was dotted but the square button didnt protrude out of the faceplate like it should. But with the other button pad with the system icons, it popped out fine.

    Conclusion : Overall, the XCM PSP Slim Lite Faceplate is great for modders. The quality is sturdy but the buttons feel cheap. The square on one of the button pads didnt seem to pop out of the faceplate so playing with the PSP would be troublesome. The smoke and crystal would be my top two choices as its clear and the LED would come through the case.

    Images via comments
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    I really like the black one. Looks sexy. I might have to look into that

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