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Thread: Marching Band Drill Writer v0.25

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    psp Marching Band Drill Writer v0.25

    News/release from andyauff

    Here is an update to my drill-writing program for PSP, called Marching Band Drill Writer. This update introduces the saving and loading of sets. **Many thanks to FaT3oYCG for helping me to get the saving and loading working.** You can also delete sets in-game, without having to go to your memory stick. The sets are saved as lua scripts with all of the x and y coordinates listed in a table (array). This makes loading very easy and quick. This also means that you can upload your sets on the web and share them with others if you wish. Feel free to email your sets to me if you want me to share them for you and I'll put them on my site with all credit given to you.

    Download and Give Feedback Via Comments

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    This sounds like a lot of fun. Shame I don't have a PSP to run it on.

    Marching band FTW.

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