Wish your Android device's lock screen was a bit more scenic? Microsoft's Garage team has you covered with Picturesque, then. It pulls the daily image from Bing's homepage and throws it to your phone in addition to adding a box for Redmond's search engine of the same name, as spotted by AndroidCentral. Not a fan of the photo of the day? You can shake it off for one from the past six days. Notifications for missed calls and messages are here too like with Garage's previous effort, Next Lock Screen, but there are a few functional differentiators. For instance, with Picturesque you can read full news articles without unlocking your device, and Indian users get a few regional bits like Muhurat measurement. It's worth noting that you're trading music player controls and a few other things, though. Sound like something that'd be up your alley, regardless? Well, it's available on Google Play right now -- you know what to do.