A Humble Bundle consisting of Star Wars-themed games, released to raise money for Unicef, has already topped $1m in sales.
Kicked off on February 3rd, the Star Wars Humble Bundle has generated more than $1.3m since its launch, with over 134,000 sales. The deal will remain active for a further 13 days.
The total puts the collection just behind the Sid Meier Humble Bundle, which raised in excess of $1.7m in its first two days on sale.
As with all of Humble Bundle’s offerings, fans can pay what they want to get a collection of PC and Mac games, and choose what proportion of their payment goes to charity.
Humble Bundle announced in December that it has now raised over $50m for various charities.
The partner of choice this time around is the US Fund for Unicef, which will receive a cut of every bundle sold.
Those choosing to pay under $12 unlock beloved RPG Knights of the Old Republic, Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy and Dark Forces.
Those who offer over $12 additionally gain access to RTS Empire At War: Gold Pack and both the first and second entries in the Force Unleashed series.
Players paying over the average donation amount (currently at $11.31) grab another four games: Battlefront II, Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords and Republic Commando.
More titles are set to be added to the bundle soon, with past donators gaining access to the new games as they appear.