Super Smash Bros. for 3DS will get Amiibo support via an update to be released on Tuesday, February 10, Nintendo has confirmed.
The free update will add for the first time the ability to scan in the Amiibo figurines with the 3DS game. At present, only the Wii U version of the new Smash Bros. supports Amiibo figures.
In the Console version, players can scan in Amiibo characters to create customizable 'FP' fighters that learn from you as you play. It is yet to be fully detailed exactly how the Amiibos will be used in the portable game.
The 3DS update comes just ahead of the US release of the New Nintendo 3DS, a new revised version of the 3DS handheld that, among numerous changes, has the added ability to read Amiibo data by placing the figures directly on the lower screen.
An adapter that will allow the use of Amiibos on older 3DS/2DS units is expected later this year.